Carrying Baggage

It was a monumental challenge set before me. Sixteen hours of thought and deliberation, considering every possibility and anticipating every outcome. But after two full evenings, I could look over all I'd accomplished and feel a great sense of pride.

There it was in all its glory -- a single grand suitcase, properly packed for a four-day salsa cruise.

Imagine how hard it was to pack for an event of this magnitude. There was so much to take into consideration -- dance class, beach and pool time, island excursions, lunch and dinner, and of course, the evening dance parties, and after parties. Every outfit needed to be perfect for me and, at the same time, appropriate for the occasion. I also had to pack back-up outfits in case the unthinkable happened -- a ripped dress, a food stain, uncooperative weather, and dreaded water retention or bloating.

For two days I scoured my closets pulling out anything that might make the cut. I limited selections only after trying every possibility on just to be sure the extra five pounds I've packed away hadn't made my choices unwearable.

I also kept practicality in the forefront of my mind. After all, on this trip I'd be carting the luggage around all by myself. Obviously, it was important to limit the baggage to one.

Mission accomplished.

What did I cram in my bag for a four-day salsa cruise? Enough for me to make it as a cast member of the television show, Lost. And just so you know, here is what finally made the cut:

4 Bathing suits (one bikini, one tankini, one strapless, and one all purpose one piece)
3 Cover-ups for bathing suits
4 Ballroom shoes (gold, silver, black, and red)
4 Matching dress bags
3 Dress shoes (not ballroom)
1 Sneakers
1 Sandals
2 Jeans
2 Capris
4 Pairs of shorts
6 Casual shirts
6 Dressy shits and blouses
1 Pink sued halter top with micro mini
1 Tangerine Grecian halter dress with gold trim
1 Little black dress
1 Red satin dress
1 Chocolate and gold strapless pantsuit
2 Casual dresses
Pajamas (I have a roommate, so I need them for this trip)
8 Bras of different varieties
10 Panties
2 Pairs of pantyhose
8 Pairs breast petals
10 Pairs of earrings, 2 rings, 2 broaches, 2 necklaces, 1 watch and a button that reads "I Love Latin Boys"
1 Pair of sunglasses
Camera and docking station
A book
My travel journal
Lots of makeup, perfume, and hair products
Travel steamer
Various items too personal to mention

I wonder if I packed enough? It is four whole days without my complete wardrobe and toiletries, after all. I just hope I can get by until Monday without having to buy anything.


Great. I forgot suntan lotion.


aka senior advisor said...

My goodness...just how big is that suitcase???

I hope you have a fabulous time. No doubt you will look fabulous -- I know all your hard work this week paid off.

See you next week chica!

trinity2 said...

Just ONE suitcase?!?! How in the world.....I need to learn how to pack from you!

Have an awesome time. Talk to you when you get back.

Xavierism said...

Oh my! Fabulous! I'm so envious of you!

Looking forward to the pics!

Blessings galore...