Let's Hear It For The Boys

I only personally know a few single, 30-something women. At my age, most women (and most of my friends) are married with children, settled, and at a different stage in life. I had thought I'd be at the same stage myself at this point in my life. Things just didn't work out that way. (insert violin music here) Nevertheless, married or not, my friends laugh with me at my tales of dates gone bad, empathize with the occasional broken heart, and provide realistic advice when I'm headed off course.

Still, when I began blogging 7 months ago, I hoped that through this medium I might find a few more single women with whom I might commiserate. Dating at any age can be a hassle. But dating well into your 30s is a mostly harrowing experience. And since I had not experienced the single scene in over 15 years, I thought of blogging as a way for me not only share my bewilderment, but also gain insight into the sometimes strange, sometimes wonderful, but always evolving single life.

As a result, my site was geared toward single women. Because I am a woman, most of my posts have a decidedly feminine bent. I regularly discuss relevant topics such as breast petals, important purchases from the recent shopping binge, as well as the latest relationship issue. Though I never explicitly bash the other gender, I do relish the times when I can share a funny story that involves a run in with that poor male soul who has less of clue about social etiquette than I do.

But here is what surprises me. When I review the comments I receive, the vast majority of these are written by MEN! Don't get me wrong. I love the humor and insight you men provide, but what's up with this? (Note: This is a rhetorical question, Mr. Hand, please do not feel like you need to specifically respond to exactly what IS up. ;-)) Back when I was in high school, I always had more male friends than women. So maybe the trend has just continued-- only now it's virtually.

I am not going to overanalyze the point any further, but I would thank you fellows for your kind words and support. I'm probably breaking some great blogging rule, but this post would not be complete without acknowledging the following regulars who make their opinions known.

Utenzi -- You have a knack for reading in between my lines. Your insight is always appreciated.

David -- Yes, you are a bit of a smart ass, but I tend to love smart asses!

Xavier -- Positive, sweet, and always supportive.

Mr. Hand -- How could I not acknowledge you in this list? You always make me laugh.

KOM -- I'm always honored when I hear from you.

Newcomers (sethro and The Door Steward) -- I'm happy you decided to drop me a line.

Now before you all go and get all mushy on me let me make one thing clear. This does not mean that come tomorrow you'll find me posting about chewin' tobacco, crotch scratching, or, God forbid, NASCAR. My background color is PINK and there are still disco divas dancing in honor of all that are and who forever will be FEMALE.


The Door Steward said...

Interesting post Diane. Thanks for the comment, its nice to have started reading your blog and vice versa. I suppose you could say I have a feminine side without sounding gay...think its because I'm actually a nice guy and not a prat like so many others. I watch Sex & The City...get my drift hehe!

sethro said...

I think most guys like to hear the unadulterated and uncensored thoughts that women have. At least I do. It gives that much more insight into the minds of the fairer sex. Its a bonus that it also provides a view into the mind of a like aged single woman, and the issues dealt with on that side of the fence. That said, your humorous meanderings are just a good read.

Mister Hand said...

Diane, there is NO WAY IN HELL I could ever go all mushy on you.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Personally, I enjoy good writing. And I'm a sucker for travelogues. Good writing can entail any subject--anything that gives me insight into another human being that interests me.

These other guys, however, are here for more prurient reasons. Read between the lines of their comments and it's all "Come on, Diane, let's see your breasts!"

Me? I ask outright. I figure I'll wear you down eventually. But mostly it's about the writing. But, just as in life, don't trust men.

But I'm TOTALLY different.

And now I gotta ramble.

As if I haven't done enough of that already.

Don't fall for me, baby, I'm nothin' but trouble!

queenofsass said...

You have never been in short supply of male admirers babe!

Merys said...

Let's hear it for the girlies! My background colour is pink too, and for a damned good reason - i'm a girl and proud.

PS, well done for helping us all convince the door steward not to quit his degree - I did a serious amount of nagging on that one!

utenzi said...

Sethro and Hand (call me Mister!) said it quite well, Diane.

As for there being more men than women--that seems to be the case across the Internet in general and in the specific case of your blog I'd say that your appearance aids in male reader retention.

Diane Mandy said...

Utenzi - But you haven't really seen much of my appearence Utenzi, unless you are referring to the Dancing Divas. And, if what you say is true about male internet users (which I believe you are) why is it that you seem to have more women commenters than men?

Diane Mandy said...

Sethro- I'm not sure I'll forgive you for calling me "aged". I'm allowed to say it, but you are not. ;-)