Whats In A Name

I started blogging in May as a way to vent. I kept a journal, the old fashioned pen- and- paper kind to document my emotional highs and mostly lows as I ventured back into the dating world. I had a couple dozen stories in my book when I just happened on Blogger. "Why not?" I thought.

But first I had to create a name.  Hmm. Who do I want to be?  It did not take me long to determine who my namesake would be -- Sassy's mother, Mandy. As a divorced mother of five, who remained single years after her divorce, Sassy's mom would have loved my tales of dates gone badly and of relationship woes. She would have understood my feelings, as well as why I was at this point in my life. She always seemed to understand me, even when I tried to hide my feelings.  Mandy knew better. In fact, she knew me better than my own mother.

I lost my second mother 5 years ago this week to ovarian cancer.

I miss her smile. I miss her dry wit. I miss her secret-recipe chili and the grilled cheese sandwiches that she have ready for my visit. I miss her assistance in getting ready for those big parties.  I miss her solid perspective on life, with all its up and downs.

But, as sad as this upcoming anniversary is for me, it is even harder for Chris (a.k.a Queen of Sass). Fortunately, we still have each other and will spend this Saturday, the anniversary of our loss, together.


Lisa said...

My condolences to you and Chris. Ovarian Cancer has just started to come to light and get the attention it needs...more women are getting educated because they call it the disease that whispers. It has little warning signs...I know, I am a survior.

God Bless you both,

Kara0303 said...

I'm sorry for both of your losses. I hope your day was celebratory of her life. She sounds like a great woman.