To All Women's Health Practices

I'd like to make this suggestion. How about separating the OBs from the GYNs?

I hate to admit it, but it felt rather awkward passing time in the waiting room along with 7 pregnant women and there spouses. I walked in and immediately felt the stares and questions. "No ring?...What's she here for?" I tried to distract myself by skimming through your magazine selections, but frankly, I didn't find anything in Parenthood or Working Mother that interested me.

And, then there was the questionnaire. No, I am not pregnant. No, I am not planning to get pregnant. No, I am not interested in talking about fertility options. Several questions down, I finally found a few that applied to me.

Look, I'm all about diversity, but in this case I think I would prefer segregation over inclusion. When it comes to the OBs and GYNs, I not only like the idea of separate but equal, but also a waiting room filled with Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines.


queenofsass said...

I have to agree with you...nothing worse than having to deal with Pregnant Woman Today or Fertility Breakthroughs when all you really want is a coochie checkup.

JustJunebug said...

oh my God i SO agree!! i had to go 2 months ago and i had to wait 1.5 hours cause the doc had to run out to deliver a baby and got behind on all his other patients which unfortunately all of them ahead of me were indeed PREGNANT!!

zerodoll said...

Yeah, I've had that happen too, justjunebug. Babies are the priority, not the women. And the stupid photo collages of 8 million babies they've delivered.

KOM said...

On the other hand, I'm not finding anything interesting in Parenthood, Working Mother, Glamour or Cosmo.

Hasn't anyone heard of Sports Illustrated?

Actually, this isn't quite true - I was too busy rubbing a certain person's back and feet to read a magazine ;)

Flourish & Blotts said...

Agreed! I think that doctors would find that a lot of single women would prefer to avoid the pregnant women and babies. -Flourish

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Agreed Diane. As a middle-aged woman, thru that, being there to begin with, is not at all to do with motherhood. (And I'd like to see a More magazine on the table as well! It's for women over 40) ;-)