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Vinko Bogataj's became immortalized as the "Agony of Defeat" Ski Jumper when footage of his dramatic crash during the 1970 International Ski Flying Championship at Oberstdorf was featured as part of the open of ABC's Wide World of Sports.

I always felt sorry for the poor guy -- humiliated on national TV like that. If Vinko hadn't died in the crash at Oberstforf, he probably wished he had after having to relive his defeat every Sunday afternoon for decades thereafter. Pure hell. These days, however, I not only feel sorry for Vinko, I think I am Vinko. I've crashed and burned so many times that I just might be the "Agony of Defeat" poster child of dating.

All ski jumpers crash every now just as Vinko had in his past. But there was something about this one particular crash, aside from the unwanted publicity, that shook Vinko to his core. It is said that although he started jumping again a year after his infamous crash, Vinko did so without the same abandon he once had.

As singles, we've all been out of bad dates or experienced rejection from time to time. Unfortunately, we've most likely all also experienced that one, core-shaking fall from a relationship that once made us feel so high. I know I have. And I can't help but wonder if I will ever completely shake the persistent doubts and inadequacies that I have felt since my one dramatic crash.

It helps to read other accounts of people who keep a positive, even Grateful, attitude through the ups and down of dating life. I gain hope from hearing tales of others, like 3T who have experienced success after times of disappointment.

After my crash it took time to heal as well as practice on the beginner slopes before I felt ready to jump again. I'm still not 100 percent, but I refuse to give in to my fear of defeat. Like good old Vinko Bogataj before me, I understand that the thrill of victory is worth taking the risk.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

Amen, Diane! :-) The thrill of victory is worth taking the risk.
Vinko has it right.

In my opinion, any perceived defeat, gives way to a place we need to be, that will bring you closer to your heart's desire.

You are such a beautiful, intellegent woman Diane. I'll be reading you when you find what you desire.


JustJunebug said...

ok we MUST be so close in age, and i do believe we chatted on that..just a few years apart.

anyway, i SO SO SO remember that intro to the WWoS all those years ago as a youngster..

utenzi said...

I like your message, Diane, but maybe Vinko isn't the best example though he did have one magnificent crash.

His life has been pretty good despite the concussion he got in that famous 1970 crash. He was even on the first episode of that NBC TV series Scrubs a few years back. Funny scene. They tried to resuccitate him with those shock paddles and he jumps up saying "I was just sleeping!"


utenzi said...

Y'know, Diane...guys really aren't that interesting. There's no reason to feel at a loss when the dating thing doesn't work out. There's not really that much of an advantage being in a relationship...