Attack of the Hairballs

I've faced the harsh reality of cat ownership not once but twice in the last week. Katie, a lovely, longhair tuxedo kitty, has been coughing up hairballs. Eww!!! As if this wasn't bad enough, Katie found the choicest of locations to deposit her hairballs.

A few days ago, I came home and discovered the first hairball on my bed, more specifically on my $900 sheets. You may be laughing now, but I literally thought I would pass out and die with the discovery. Fortunately, the hairball came up easily and the sheets, though precious to me, are washable.

After having a few days to come to terms with one hairball, I was dismayed to discover a second nicely hidden on my expensive, black oriental rug. Just as I did with my first hairball I took a moment to compose myself. Then, I phoned my sister because she is Katie's previous owner.

"I don't know if I can do this." I said without so much as a greeting
"What happened?" Christina asked.
"It's another hairball--at least I think it's a hairball--this time on the dining room rug." I said obviously exacerbated with the situation.
"I'm sure it's just a hairball," Christina said reassuringly. "Have you tried rubbing Vaseline on Katie's lips to prevent them? Those little tablets just don't work."
"Vaseline on her lips? Are you serious?" I started to get upset again.
"Look, I told you we would take her back if need be after the house sells," Christina offered though obviously disappointed.

I'm not sure what to do. I took Katie conditionally because my sister, a mother of two young girls, is stressed out with trying to sell her home at the moment. But, I also know my brother-in-law does not want Katie in their new home. I was just trying to keep peace in their household with this adoption.

But, here is the point. I have a new home, too. Christina works from home and has more time to devote to things such as hairballs and placing Vaseline on Katie's lips. I, on the other hand, I start back to school this summer and have both a full and part-time job.

What do you think? Do I return Katie to my sister? She's hacking again and I sense I'll find another hairball in my future. Also, do you more experienced cat owners have any tricks for preventing hairballs?


Monica said...

Diane.. what kind of food are you giving her... My cats eat the Purina Cat Chow, which is especally formulated for indoor cats and it controls hairballs... also, I brush my cats constantly, this helps a lot, I cannot say that I do not have an occassional "present" from them.. but the cat food and the brushing has help tremendously. Also Ians has a cat food formulated specially for hairball control and it very good, though a bit expensive... if you need anything else drop me a line...

zerodoll said...

My kitties get Science Diet Hairball Formula (Light, 'casue they're chubby.) Supposed to reduce shedding and help if they do. There's also Petromalt, which some cats love; mine won't go near it. Don't give up on her!

evercurious said...

Ewww! The only other thing I can say is that at least it's not a male that goes spraying on your stuff. I always love the chance to hear about your sheets though. You are the only person I "know" that has spent so much on sheets. I love that. What about the hair? YOurs that is.

AMS said...

I think the sheets are going to win out here!

JustJunebug said...

definitely invest in the food that helps prevent the hairball/upset stomach thing.

also, twice a week put a bit of Vaseline on the nose of the kitty.. they will lick it off inevitably but you WANT them to. This will help them no longer be a "hacker"

utenzi said...

Vaseline on her lips???! That sounds more like something you'd read in a nasty novel, Diane. Maybe your sister is having a break from reality with that one.

Cats are evil. Bye, Katie. (btw, who names their cat Katie??)

JustJunebug said...

on the NOSE! on the NOSE!! Thats where u put the dab of Vaseline! :)