On the road, again

For me, every birthday get's harder and harder to swallow. This year's could quite possibly be the worst ever because in December 2006, I will turn 39. Count 'em--3, 9.

You may wonder why it is that I am already whining about an event which is still 8 months away. But just today, as I drove to work listening to 80s music blaring from the radio, a thought occurred and caused the reality of my birthday to come crashing down on me again. Thirty nine marks the final year of a decade which has become known as My Glorious 30s. You see? I can't help but mourn! The 30s, especially this last half, have been very good to me. I don't want to see them go.

Over the last few years, I have tried to erase memory of the day of my birth by setting a few ground rules for friends and family. First, I've instructed everyone that I do not want to mark the occasion in any way whatsoever. As far as I, and all those who love me, are concerned, it is just another day. I don't want cards, chocolates, or flowers to even pass under my nose. And, candles used as cake ornamentation will, quite simply, be treated by me as a sign of war. While these ground rules have helped make the occasion of my birth seem more bearable, they haven't always completely blocked the trauma associated with my growing a year older.

So, as some of you are already aware, I found another way to help myself through any possible emotional and mental anguish. I set a goal and take a trip somewhere exotic during that particular week. Last year despite freezing cold temperatures, I fulfilled my goal for year 38 by traveling to Beijing and standing on The Great Wall of China. The trip, also know as Diane's Ultimate Chinese Adventure 05, certainly chased the birthday blues away last year. So what, pray tell, is in store for 2006???

(insert drum roll sound effect here)

I will dance the tango in Buenos Aires for my 39th birthday.

Why tango in Argentina? With all the fabulous places in the world yet to see, it took great contemplation and consideration to settled on my South American destination. In fact, here are the factors which caused me to choose Buenos Aires as the location for the Ultimate Adventure, 06:

I've already been to Paris.
Buenos Aires is called "the Paris of South America" and I haven't been there.
Unlike Beijing, it will be warm and sunny in December.
I love to dance.
I speak **some** Spanish.
I thought Evita rocked.
It's not here.

Now that I have unveiled my grand plan here in Blogland, there is no turning back. I shall dance in Argentina for my birthday. Never mind that I don't tango. I still have eight months to learn.


Jaws said...

Pack me in your bags?

Sounds like exciting plans. I am already excited for the pictures.

You do all the things I wish I could do but just can't.. yet.

JustJunebug said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky girl...

and from one 80's chick to another, heres a secret...40's are EVEN better...

jamy said...

Eight months? Plenty of time to learn to Tango! Great idea.

Annie said...

Buenos Aires! You will love it! It is, indeed, the Paris of South America. Enjoy the tango. I am sure you will dance it like a local!

David said...

Sounds like yet another fun trip you will enjoy!

TamWill said...

Live Large and reach for the stars...that is you Diane!

I know you will always have exciting adventures to share with us :O)

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I think that sounds like a fabulous and exotic Birthday trip Diane! I've no doubt you will have yet again, the time of your life. Better start looking into tango lessons! ;-)


evercurious said...

In my myspace I couldn't figure it out. Until today. YOU are my hero! You have to be one of the coolest people ever and just happen to be someone I respect and would like to be more like. Isn't that the definition of a hero? I think so.