Two left feet

In preparation for my December birthday trip to Argentina, Max and I started taking a beginner tango class. It's been a long time since I took to the dance floor as a beginner. But when it comes to learning a new dance, a person really does start from the bottom.

I dance (for better or worse) east and west coast swing, country two-step, waltz, salsa, mambo, cha cha, bachatta, and merengue. With all of this experience behind me, I felt confident going into class that beginner tango wouldn't be much a challenge. How hard could it be? Max, a beginner to dance, fretted that he wouldn't be able to keep up with me. However, within the first 10 minutes of dance class, it become evident to all that it was Max who had taken to tango like a fish does to water.

Although there were an equal number of women and men, the women lined up to dance with Max. I only managed to sneak in two dances with him. And, while Max and I have amazing chemistry off the dance floor, during those dances I just couldn't follow his lead. I was humiliated.

Then the instructor came to take me to the side for extra tutoring, but Max wouldn't let go of my hand. No matter how bad I performed, Max wanted me as his dance partner.

"Keep your receipt and I promise to return her," joked the instructor.

Even with an experienced instructor, I struggled every tango step of the way. In fact, the only other dance that I have ever performed worse than tango was belly dancing. Trust me when I tell you that Diane Mandy belly dancing is not a pretty sight. And tango, I fear, may go just as badly.

Still, I'm going to pursue this new hobby with all the vigor I can muster. By mid-May, Max and I will be taking classes twice a week with different instructors in an effort to speed up our progress. What else can I do? I've got less than 8 months until we leave for Argentina. I set my goal and I will dance tango on my birthday--even if it kills me.


Jaws said...

You knwo what I smiled a huge smile when you mentioned he wouldn't let go of your hand. Thats so sweet, more then sweet even. It was a sort of statement. But then again I over think everything. But this time is good over thinking.

TamWill said...

When you set your mind to something, you accomplish it always! I have no doubt that you will master it.

Especially with Maximus holding your hand :)

Cha' Cha'

zerodoll said...

I doubt it will really matter how good or bad you are at it once you're there with Max, dancing on your birthday!

utenzi said...

That is so frickin' weird, Diane. I would have bet my eyeteeth that you'd be the ultimate tango dancer. Well, excluding Latins, of course. They own the Tango.

I'm sure you'll pick up those hot moves with Max during after hours private tutoring. LOL Just try to get in enough dancing practice so you improve your steps before anything else comes up, Diane.

JustJunebug said...

oh how i miss east and west coast swing dancing!! its been years! the tango...? never tried it but i am sure you will be fabulous!

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I've no douobt that you will be proficient in the tango by the time you celebrate your Birthday Diane. :-)