Weighty Considerations

Tomorrow is the dreaded Weight Watcher's weigh-in. Ugh!!!

Last week, I stepped on the scale only to discover that my weight hadn't budged, not even an ounce. In response, I could only shrug my shoulders. I hadn't put much effort into the program during Week 1. What else should I expect?

Still, standing on the scale and seeing my weekly weight loss grand total of zero did inspire my competitive nature. Walking out of Weight Watchers, I vowed that Week 2 would be different. I would watch my diet and strictly follow the program over the course of the next week.

Today marks the end of Week 2. I have not cheated or strayed off Weight Watcher's recommendations. In fact, although it isn't required, I gave up consumption of alcohol for the entire week. I reasoned that my calories should be spent for more nutritional purposes, and besides, alcohol always makes me crave two things: sex and snack food. I needed to be strong.

For those of you unaware of the program, let me educate you. Depending on your weight, Weight Watchers allows you a maximum number of points to consume during a day. Every food has a point total associated with it based on calories, fat grams, and dietary fibers. Some foods, such a most non-starch vegetables, rabbit food,and water have zero points. On the other hand, a Quarter Pounder w/ cheese from McDonald's has 13 points. Technically, I can use my daily points as I wish, but I shouldn't go over my daily target.

I get 20 points in a day if I don't exercise. Twenty lousy points!! I decided to break my points into 4 small meals since I am usually starving later in the evenings when I get home from the pub. Reviewing my food journal, here is a sample of what 20 points buys me in a day.

Low-fat soy yogurt mixed with 1/3 super high-carb cereal (3 points)
Coffee (black) - 0

1 serving of beef and bean chili, side salad, no cheese, dressing or croutons (5 points)
Diet coke - 0

Early Dinner
Weight watcher frozen entree, green beans, and an apple (6 points)
Soda water with lime - 0

Late-night after waitressing
Low-carb, turkey and vegetable wrap and a pickle (6 points)
Soda water with lime - 0

Gone are the days of nachos with extra cheese and jalepenos (5 points for 4 chips). I long for the chocolate chip and walnut cookies that Max stocks in his cookie jar (12 points for 3)! While I am happy to be eating healthier, some days I feel like I might as well be eating prison food down at the county jail.

And what if, after all my sacrifice and hard work, I discover that I haven't lost any weight? It is possible. After all, I haven't noticed any measurable changes. What then?

I guess I'll find out tomorrow. The scale certainly won't be fudging for me, even though I'll be certainly be craving fudge. All I can say is that it's a damn good thing that Weight Watcher's doesn't place a point value against your thoughts!


utenzi said...

That's the unfair thing about sex, Diane. Men lose weight and women gain weight--even if it's only 10 grams or so. But it speaks to a greater truth--men lose weight much easier than women but society doesn't judge us as harshly when we gain weight. How crappy is that for women?

TamWill said...

Sounds like you are on the right track...keep up the good job :O)

zerodoll said...

have you upped your exercise? that diet sounds spartan!

JustJunebug said...

so much i could say here, but i dont have that much time!

good luck!

jayfish said...

i'm with zerodoll, if you have time to exercise, do it! then you *can* splurge a little. good job though, keep it up!

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