I've been having a tough time of it lately--from a blog standpoint, that is. I'm suffering from a bad case of the nothing-to-write-abouts. Part of the problem is that I fear I will lull blog readers into a comatose state if I dare post one more Max and Mandy story. And, as Max and I have moved from the excitement of the new relationship to the routine of the established relationship, I'm having a hard time finding material even in this aspect of my life. Who wants to read about the positively ordinary? That's what my life has become--ordinary.

Unlike last year, there are no grand trips--no Great Wall, Big Ben or Acropolis-- planned for my immediate future. Since I still don't have any hair, there isn't another head shaving any time soon (if ever). And as I have given up working at the pub, table dancing and strange encounters with drunken men seems highly unlikely.

What's a blogger to do when there isn't anything to write about? I need material. I've sworn off writing about politics or religion. I'm too much of a live-and-let-live person to really get up in arms, anyway. I don't dare write about my work not because there isn't material, but because I have heard of one too many bloggers losing their jobs as a result. Sex?? Been there; done that. So, I am left with a black hole of nothingness known as my life. I'm not complaining, mind you. It's a good life. And, drama can be so very overrated.

Still, I can understand why so many folks eventually give up on their blogs. I'd consider the option, but have been having way too much fun meeting folks from around the globe through the Martini lounge. For better or worse, it is staying open.

So bear with me through this little lull in both my life and my blog. As soon as I can mix things up a bit, I will. At this point, I'll take what I can get--shaken or stirred.


Jamy said...

Good writing about life inside a relationship is sadly lacking. Some folks are so gushy and positive that it comes of as false (and boring), other times the unhappiness is so palpable that you wonder why they stay together.

I encourage you to relate some of the day-to-day minutiae of your life with Max. It is more interesting than you think and you'll have a record of the good, easy times.

utenzi said...

No problem, Diane. Once a day or once a week, you'll definitely be on my blog reading list. You're very interesting, y'know?

Cheetarah1980 said...

whenever I feel as though I've run out of material, I delve into my personal archives. Write about the past. Most of my posts lately are taken from things that happened years ago. I never wrote about them then, so I'm writing about them now. Try it. It's amazing what you'll remember.

zerodoll said...

i agree with jamy, the regular stuff is the stuff you never hear about another person's relationship; it's always either the good or the bad, but the everyday stuff can be quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely the little things that count. If you don't know what that means, give yourself 10 minutes without any company, no TV, and no distractions. Slowly but surely the little things will come into focus. Best Regards, head shaving