And the winner is...

Katie left this little prize at my bedroom door this morning. I suppose this was her way of showing love for me. She did seem quite proud of herself, having slewed Godzilla with her bare paws. However, I've decided to be a re-gifter. The frog is still sitting outside my door as a present to Max, who comes home this evening from a business trip. Max doesn't know it yet, but it's his job to dispose of the little green creature. I am sure it will be an honorable burial.

Despite its appearance, Katie's victory was short-lived. Today she goes back to my sister, her rightful owner. It's hard to feel too sorry for Katie, who will now live in a huge house, with a big yard, and two adoring children. The only thing missing to complete the lovely picture is a white picket fence. Knowing my sister, June Cleaver extraordinaire, it's only a matter of time.

I tried helping my sister by taking the cat, but my situation is changing. Daisy and Rascal (Max's cats) move in on July 4th and Katie, to no one's surprise, doesn't do blended families. After all folks, you see what she did to the frog.

Speaking of blended families, I'm thinking of adding a new addition to the Mandy household, only this time, one that barks.

Tomorrow, I am off too Hawaii for a 10-day vacation, and then, on to San Diego for business. I'll be carrying along my trusty, wireless IPAQ. Hopefully the break will give me much needed time to write and catch up on your blogs, as I soak up the sun and sip on Mai Tais. Don't hate me.


Vespertine said...

Ok, first thing, I DO hate you for your trip to Hawaii. Bitch.

Second, thanks for the support on my blog changes. It was the right thing to do I think, and in a small part, influenced by a comment you made on my blog regarding blog-disclosure during a relationship.

It`s true that LP was not responsible for my changes, but I felt that the blog-denial was a wedge in the development of the trust-factor.

Thanks for the support-- and, despite my hatred of you, enjoy your vacation. Lucky. :)

utenzi said...

That's neat, Lois. You're going to teach your IPAQ to bark!

In the long run that's best for you. IPAQs don't mess up the carpet nor do they smell like dead animals when they come in from the rain.

Many happy Mai Tais to you, Diane! (and keep them coming!)

thephoenixnyc said...

My cat seesm to think I have a fondness for dead chipmunks and moles.

David said...

Miss me? LOL

Well the trip's sound great! I will be looking forward to lots of pictures.

kenju said...

I don't hate you, but can I be envious??

mollymcmommy said...

i am trying very, very hard not to hate you, and only because you seem to be such a sweetand nice person.

trust me though, those qualities are the only reason i'm not hating you.

but i am jealous :)


Ty said...

Too funny. Didn't you momma ever tell you that no matter how bad the gift is, that you should keep it. If nothing else out of respect for the giver who painstakingly took the time, and effort to surprise you. LOL