Max hasn't caught on to the single, greatest, manifestation of free-market competition known as the $1.50 drycleaner.

My favorite cleaner also features $1.50 laundered shirts on Thursday and Fridays only. Max finds this two-day restriction and 3 mile drive to be more than a little inconvenient. So on Saturday. despite my subtle suggestions to the contrary, he decided to take his laundry to Mr. Kim's just down the road

Here was Max's final bill.

28 Max's shirts to be laundered with light starch
10 Max's shirts to be dry-cleaned
6 Max's pants to be dry cleaned
6 Diane's items to be dry-cleaned

Total Bill: $154.27

Note: This included a 10 percent discount.

Needless to say, had Max taken my suggestion, as well as his laundry, to my $1.50 dry cleaner the day before, he would have saved $90.

You'd be impressed to know that never once did I say, "I told you so." Am I a great girlfriend or what?


jayfish said...

yikes! now i know why i only wear t-shirts and jeans. :)

Cheetarah1980 said...

I wonder if Max feels like a dumb ass right about now. Am I wrong for saying that?

kenju said...

The cheapest one I can find around here is $1.79 or 1.97. I have not been to a regular drycleaner since the new cheap ones opened. Max should listen to you!!

JustJunebug said...

he must have a lot of clothes to have that much piled up and still have something left to wear!!!

who waits that long to go to the cleaners??? not me. as i said i wouldnt have anything to wear. plus alot of my stuff no longer has to go to the cleaners thank goodness!!!

TamWill said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk! He could have taken you to dinner twice with the money he would have saved.

My brother is the same way, he will over-pay for convenience. Men - go figure ;)

David said...

Would it be sexist to say a "good" girlfriend would have taken them in for him? Oh, it would?? Then I won't say that!!

Yep he should have listened to you :)

utenzi said...

I see some bad math here, Diane. There's a total of 50 items (mostly Max's shirts) so the average cost is about $3 per item. Cutting that in half with your $1.50 special would save $75 not $90. We need to watch your hyperbole! LOL Of course I agree that 75 bucks is a lot of money to waste. I totally agree with your sentiments--just not with your math, Diane. XOXOX