The First Time

Saturday night, no matter how tired we might feel and despite any other distraction, Max and I are going to do something that we have never tried as a couple. Brace yourselves...

We're going to the movies together.

That's right--the popcorn, the Whoppers, the 20 minutes of previews before reaching the featured presentation--Max and I have never gone to the movies for date night. Don't get me wrong. I love movies; Max loves movies. Aside from rentals, it's hard to believe that, in all our eleven months together, we have never taken part in this standard dating ritual.

The big question is what do we see? Max likes Mafioso-type flicks, so The Deported might make a good choice for him. But I don't enjoy films loaded with blood and guts scenes, and I worry I'll spend most of my time with my eyes shut.

On the other hand, I'm a history buff, so Marie Antoinette might be my choice. Still, I can't help but wonder if sitting though two hours of 18-century France is really going to be Max's cup of tea? After putting him through this, Max just might want to have MY head instead.

The real problem is that I haven't paid a bit of attention to the box office. And since there doesn't appear to be anything better do this Saturday night than going to the movies, I'm in desperate need of recommendations.

Seen anything good lately?


Jamy said...

I saw The Departed and liked it. It wasn't too gruesome, but there were a few close-your-eye moments.

Haven't seen Marie Antionette, but it's far from historically acurate, so I wouldn't see it on that account.

I saw The Prestige on Sunday and I enjoyed it. Not serious, but interesting and a good puzzle. That might be your best bet.

Siryn said...

Hm, wow. I haven't paid too much attention, but it depends on your mood. Flags Of Our Fathers might be interesting as it's probably the best film made this year (haven't seen it yet) and will meet your historical buff bent and maybe the action bent for Max.

It really depends on how mindless you want your entertainment. Go to Rotten Tomatoes (rottentomatoes.com) and get some ideas.

Reel Fanatic said...

If you can stomach the mafia violence, I would highly recommend "The Departed" .. Sofia's "Marie Antoinette," however, I can't really enthusiastically endorse .. i appreciate what she tried to do by mixing in all the anachronisms, but all she really achieved was one big, very pretty mess

Egan said...

How about the new Russell Crowe or Brad Pitt movies? Babel looks awesome to me.

Hey, why haven't you seen a movie with Max yet? On the first movie date with my wife I buttered the popcorn and order Cherry Coke, neither of those things were to her liking. It's been fun to joke about each visit to the theatres though.

David said...

The only 2 I know of playing at the moment are Flicka, with Tim McGraw and SAW III. If I had my choice I would go see SAW III, but you not liking gore, would probably not like this movie. Flicka I know nothing of except it has Tim McGraw in it.

The Daily Randi said...

I don't think it is All That Wierd that you have never been to The Movies together! I don't think Movie Dates are all that Fun, because you are sitting in A Movie Theatre and You Can't Talk or anything. Sure, if The Film Sucks, you can Suck Face. But, if The Flick is Good, you stuck Watching It and there goes Two Hours when you could have been Sucking Face.

Oh. I vote for Marie Antoinette.

kenju said...

I can't recommend anything because I haven't been to the movies in about 5 months. I do want to see Marie Antoinette because it was filmed in the Palace at Versailles (which I just saw - and want to see again). It was one of the very few times filming has been allowed in the Palace. It is spectacular!

├ůsa said...

Diane: maybe you should choose a move neither one of you have heard of and don’t know anything about? That way you don’t have to be grumpy for “giving in” and seeing a movie he liked or vice versa. Just a thought. Every time I’ve done that, we’ve ended up seeing the best movies! And I agree with Daily Randy: movies aren’t is something you should go to with someone you are getting to know and want to find out more things about. How attractive is it to sit and stare at a movie screen really.

running42k said...

That is incredible that a couple that lives together have never been to the movies.

I don't see movies much but my son said that the movie with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman was good. It is about magicians but I can't remember the name.

JustJunebug said...

oh Lord go see The Departed!!! ITS PHENOMENAL!!!! seriously i dont like all that either, and while there are a few rough parts, i kept my eyes open the whole time and it was ok!!!!

Xavierism said...

It's about time the both of you are going to the movies together. Rodan and I do that often...but then we've been doing that since we were best friends...years before we dated.

I enjoyed The Queen.

It's a movie. Whatever the both of you see, just enjoy it. Get the popcorn and Mr. Pibb! YUM! We'll probably go to the movies this weekend. We thought about Marie Antoinette but I doubt it can compare to Norma Shearer's performance.


Dan-E said...

i fear for the health of your relationship if you drag max to see marie antionette, since he'll hold that against you for the rest of his life. the level of banality and triteness i've heard this movie contains would make jay leno constantly look at his watch. and i can imagine this arguement happening:

diane: you forgot my birthday!

max: yeah well, you made me watch 'marie antionette!'

or even:

dm: you cheated on me after wrecking my car!!!

m: oh yeah?! you dragged me to 'marie antionette!'

and there's no way for you come back with anything.

of course i could be wrong...

recommendations? umm, try either 'the prestige,' 'borat,' 'the departed,' 'or flags of our fathers.'

Egan said...

We saw Babel last night and it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Not uplifting, but very gritty.