"I went to Glamour Shots and had my pictures done. Do you want to see them?."

My 70-year old grandmother was always getting her photo done, but these were the first Glamour shots I would see.

"Sure, let me see." I had visions of seeing my grandmother photographed in something a little flashy, maybe a red suit or a cowboy hat. She was just that way, always doing something a little nutty. But the photos she brought out, shocked even me.

Clad in a sexy off-the-shoulder top and pink feather boa, my grandmother posed in her photos as any sexy syrin would.

"Oh, these are nice," I said. All the while I thought to myslef, "God! If I have an ounce of this woman in my genes, just shoot me now!"

Fifteen years later, I understand (and you all know just by reading my words) that I have a more than an ounce of her genes in me. The apple didn't fall that far from the tree, and for this, I am happy.

I paid my final respects to my grandmother on Saturday. Despite advanced years, her death came somewhat suddenly.

I looked at the large photograph positioned in the foyer of the church. In the picture, my grandmother looked perfectly refined and dignified, dressed in her little red suit. But refined and digified did not describe my Nanny, and I couldn't help but wish that I was looking at her old Glamour shots. Those photographs better captured her personality and firey spirit. And, more importantly, she would have been happy with the smile (and attention) those photographs brought.


Monica said...

Mandy... So sorry for your lost, based on your post, I'm sure she lived a full, happy and somewhat sassy life! We should all hope to have a life like that behind us.

Jamy said...

So sorry for your loss. You have some great memories, though.

Sara said...

She sounds like a wonderful lady. I wish you had one of those Glamour Shots to post.. I'd love to see it. I miss my Nanny every day and I know you will too.

Egan said...

When I lost my grandparents I was really hurt. They were very important in my life. I can tell she had sizeable impact on you. Cherish those memories.

running42k said...

I am sorry for your lost. At Christmas I keep thinking of my Grandma, they can be truly special.

AmyD said...

I'm so sorry you lost such an inspiration in your life. These things are never, ever easy. I guess now, you will have to pick up where she left off; do they even still HAVE those Glamour Shots studios around?... ;o)

Hang in there, and try to focus on the happy memories she has made in your heart.

kenju said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear it. Losing my grandmother was very traumatic for me, but since she also had a great impact on my life, the memories I hold of her helped a great deal. She has been gone for 35 years, but I still think of her almost every day. She and your grandmother would have been good friends, I am sure! LOL