No worries!

Amy D got it right...

Max finally broke the news to his parents about the American girlfriend, and much to his surprise, they were absolutely fine with it. Whew!

They asked all the usual questions. Where did we meet? What does she do for a living? What does she look like? How long have you known her? There was no arguing, no trying to talk Max out of dating me. Max's father and mother decided leave it to their son to determine who is right for him. In fact, their only request was to meet me before anything becomes "official." So, it looks like I am headed to Egypt this summer to meet my future in-laws.

Wow. Oh, wow.

Watching television everyday, you'd think that the entire world is divided--east against west, one religion against another. But in one modest home somewhere across the world, a mother looked at her son and made this promise. "If you love her, I will love her. She will be my daughter, no different than your sisters."

Why can't it always be this way?


running42k said...

That is excellent. You are right that we should all be that accepting.

Jamy said...

This is great Diane! I'm so happy for you.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for when you tell your family.

utenzi said...

Congratulations to the two of you, Diane.

I think his family will be a piece of cake, Diane. You're just too cute for anyone not to like. And I don't see any problems for Max with your parents either. However your parents might not ever talk to you again when they find out that you've been keeping secrets! LOL Actually I'm sure they're quite aware of the divorce and all--it's just been one of those things just not talked about.

kenju said...

Congrats! I hope they continue to be supportive, Diane. I am so jealous that you get to go to Egypt. It is the one place in the world I hope to see before I die.

mollymcmo said...

thats great diane :) they sound like great people

its amazing no matter how old we get we always worry about what our parents think, well i do anyway. can you believe with child #3 my mom and i didn't speak for 3mths as she didn't agree with us having another addition to our family. and that reaction is why i delay telling her things.


egan said...

Wow, you can't ask for a better response than that. Good for you. I want to go to Egypt.

AmyD said...

*sniff* I love your future-mother-in-law already... And how exciting that you will be going to Egypt!!

Congrats on becoming one step closer to being "Martini's for Two." I'm so happy for you!

So when do we get to see a picture of the ring? Haha! ;o)