The world is our oyster?

It seems more and more likely that by this time next year, my life will bear little resemblance to the one I lead now. I will probably be married and living somewhere outside the United States.

These are both exciting prospects. Still, not knowing exactly where Max and I might land has become a bit wearisome. It's hard to prepare when you don’t have all the necessary facts at hand.

This week, company higher-ups are meeting to plan the promotions and moves for select candidates. Max is on the list of contenders. We know this because a director approached Max with these questions.

"We need to know if you are still willing to move ANYWHERE. Your situation hasn't changed has it?" he asked.

"I'm still mobile," Max replied. Knowing this day was coming, we had already talked about the possibilities. I assured Max I'd go wherever he was assigned. It doesn't matter to me where we land, so long as we make this adventure together.

His director continued, "I'm having a hard time keeping you here. Everybody wants you."

Flattered as Max was, he told his boss that he wouldn't feel comfortable leaving his current position until the fourth quarter because there was just too much work to be done. So at least I know we'll be here a few more months. After that, it is anyone's guess.

Until we know the details, I can only dream of the possibilities-- Hieldelberg, Milan, San Paulo, Singapore Timbuktu? Who knows? I might as well be asking the Magic Eightball.

Max and I have to figure out whether to sell my house or rent it out. We can’t even begin to decide what to do with all our worldly possessions. These sorts of decisions are so dependant on the particulars of the country we are assigned, as well as what sort of package Max will be offered.

Yeah, change is great, but having to wait around for it is the pits.


running42k said...

The possibilities sound pretty damn cool.

utenzi said...

I'm sure 5 years or so of various global postings will really be invaluable for Max's career and you'll love the travel, Diane. What a time you'll have!!