My cat's fettish

Meet Daisy--one of our two "bad children" (Charlie being the other). Daisy is fascinated by running water. No matter how many bowls of fresh water I leave for her, Daisy insists on drinking from a running faucet. And when the jacuzzi tub is running--forget about it! I have to barricade the door.


jayfish said...


one of z's cats eats the bubbles from her bubble baths.

utenzi said...

Torties are so interesting. Such faces!

JustJunebug said...

Harley did this too for years.

Everyone told me it was because he was abandoned as a kitten and had to drink from outdoor faucets.

kenju said...

My mom and dad had 2 friends who they socialized with - named Daisy and Charlie Halstead!