Just when I thought I had nothing to share with my fellow bloggers today, the following e-mail hit my Inbox. Max’s father sent it after his son forwarded a photograph of us together.

Dear Diane, Hope all is well with you and the family.
Delighted to receive the Lovely Photo that unite you with dear Max
I am taking the liberty of passing same to Max’s sister with your e mail address so that She can start communicating with you.
My wife like me was happy to see the beautiful Photograph and joins me to wish you both all the Happiness.

As you can imagine, the e-mail just melted my heart. I am counting down the days till I travel to Egypt for the first time to meet Max’s family. Only 120 to go!


kenju said...

It sounds like you are "in like Flynn". Congrats!

utenzi said...

A few more Emails like that, Diane, and the two of you will wander over to Egypt early. You just won't be able to wait 4 months.

Anonymous said...

Im new to this whole blog deal but i startd a new one and i like your words and layout
suggestion and even insults appreciated

Xavierism said...

Wishin' all the best for you.