Glass Half Full

Despite my positive and cheery exterior, I have always been sort of person who expects the worst to happen, reasoning it is better to be happily surprised than severely disappointed in life. But after months and months, agonizing over how to approach my parents about Max, expecting with certainty that they would flip out and I would be cast off--only to find, in reality, their reaction was respectful and inviting-- I’ve come to the conclusion that I should rethink my glass half empty disposition.

Do you realize how much money in therapy I could have saved the last 18 months had I given my parents just a wee bit more credit? I wish I were joking.

Let me give you one example of well things have gone.

During our recent visit, my father took Max on a tour of the neighborhood, which is located on an expansive mountain lake. As we drove around admiring the beautiful homes and shoreline, Max commented how much he loved being on the water. “Maybe on our next visit, I’ll rent a pontoon boat for the family,” Max suggested. Everyone agreed that this would make for a nice weekend gathering.

Three days after we returned home, my mother left voicemail for Max.

“Diane, it's your mother, but this message is really for Max,” she began. “Please let him know that your father bought a pontoon boat yesterday, so he can enjoy it on your next trip home to the lake. Don’t worry about calling me back. I just want to be sure you let Max know.”

The voice sounded like my mother's, but I played the message again to be sure. Was it possible that the last few months of worrying had caused me to literally go out of my mind? Where were the yelling, lecture and guilt trip that I had anticipated? Instead of drama, I found acceptance. And, Max got a boat.

Later, I played the voicemail for Max, who immediately called my parents. “So you all know,” Max said with a smile in his voice, “I also like sports car and airplanes.” I could hear the laughter from the other end of the phone, so I know my parents understood that he was joking. But as well as thing are going, I wouldn't be surprised if my folks offer Max just about anything he wants.


Monica said...

Seee.. we told you so :) Like you I sometimes over-think and over-worry for nothing...so I know how you feel.. but I'm so glad that you family has taken Max into the fold.

kenju said...

I am happy to hear that, Diane. Having spent some time last summer on a pontoon boat, I know how much fun they can be. It is good to know that it is going so well for you.

Netty said...

That's great! But you know if you had expected everything to go smoothly, they would have had a fit right? :) At least that's the way my luck runs.

That's a beautiful late to boat around. We used to camp up there when I was a kid.

Suvii said...

I think someone a few posts back predicted that your parents would soon be calling your number, but wanting to speak to Max, not you, no?? How right they were and look how soon it has happened. This must just bring a huge smile to your face!

AmyD said...

Glad that Monica got the "told you so" out of the way, because as much as I didn't want to pull out that card, I was SOOO gonna! Ha!

Thise latest revelation is so great!! How cute is your family? If I had to guess, your dad might have a wee little man-crush on Max...I mean, he *did* get inspired to buy a boat by (and for?) the man! :o)

Congrats! Are you breathing easier now? I hope so!