Max meets his possible boss today. I say “possible” because we still aren’t clear whether Max is being transferred to the German office. Apparently, his name has been tossed out for jobs in southern Europe and South Africa, as well. And while I find the possibilities exciting, part of me is screaming, “Enough already!” I just want to know.

Still, wherever we land, I am preparing for the inevitable move, researching property management options for my home, and selling appliances on consignment. Why did I ever buy that Turboline Sandwich Press? It took up cabinet space and collected dust the whole time I owned it. Good riddance.

But something I look less forward to getting rid of is my employment status. I’ve worked consistently for 26 years, and don’t know how I will tolerate being without a career. My only hope for employment abroad recently resigned from our current company, leaving me to ponder life without work outside the home.

It’s a scary thought, but many friends do not understand my concern.

“It’s not as if you’ll need to work,” some say.

But they are missing the point. It’s not about needing; it’s about wanting. I enjoy the challenges; I thrive on the social aspects. My disposition is much better when I am busy. My work partially defined who I am, remained a constant when all else failed, and factored into my self esteem and self worth.

What will become of me when I no longer punch a clock?


running42k said...

My wife quit work when I got a new job and moved. She loved it. Time for running and gardening. Now granted, she didn't care for her job so it was a win/win.

Netty said...

Even if you can't officially work wherever you land, maybe your skills would be helpful in some volunteer opportunity? Getting involved in something over there would not only help you learn more about the country and the people, but help you make friends outside Max's employment.

kenju said...

What you will miss is feeling useful, I think, and I believe that you canget involved in something that will use your mind and talents well. Since you don't know where you'll be, it is sort of hard to imagine what you might do. Volunteering, mentoring both come to mind.

Åsa said...

Diane! You saying that a lot of your self esteem and self worth is connected to your work is something I can relate to. That is also why I don’t think you should just quit work and become a – I don’t know – “home maker”? From what I understand from having read your blog for over a year now, you are way too talented, socially skilled and have way too much energy to just waste it all on… table settings? Flower decorating? Ironing shirts? Or what ever one does at home all day when you don’t have children. You do know that Europe is part of the Western Civilisation and you might be able to get a good job there as well? Or take classes. That is always a good way to get to know new people as well as understanding more about the country.

Don’t loose who you are in all this! Getting married and moving to a new continent are huge changes! If you totally alter the things that make up who you are or at least how you perceive yourself: you will wake up one day not knowing who you are. I’m just saying this because it happened to me and it took me years to get back to myself. So just take it for what it is: opinionated advice. Look deep into yourself and see what it is that you really want to do and follow that. Even if it’s not the norm or if it is.

Wishing you the best and happy times!