The Uni-bomba

My post-wedding party invitations began arriving in guests’ mailboxes the other day, and the reaction couldn’t be more unusual.

You may remember because the party is being held at a Caribbean restaurant, I decided to send bottled messages (like the one pictured here) in keeping with the island theme.

So much for being creative! A few recipients said they almost didn’t open the bottles, thinking the invitations were actually direct marketing materials.

I thought I’d heard it all. Then, my friend James sent me the following e-mail.

“When my father-in-law brought in our mail yesterday, he said "there is this strange bottle with white powder, may we shouldn't open it in case it is from a terrorist".

Great, just great. I never thought anyone would mistake sand and shells for Anthrax, but I suppose in our post 9-11 world anything is possible. I can see it now. Guests will be calling the department Homeland Security mistaking my party invitations as a terrorist threat. Then when the government discovers the return address belongs to none other than a Mr. Max Mahmoud, we’ll be honeymooning in Guantanamo Bay. Oh well! I always did want to go to Cuba.


Netty said...

You've got to laugh at what's become of our world today, otherwise it would be too sad.

On a positive note, I think the invitations are great. Fabulous creativity!

kenju said...

I love your idea for the invitations, Diane, and I cannot help but think that the people who didn't open them are just taking themselves a little too seriously. After all, unless they live near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who the heck are they to think they'd be targeted by a terrorist?

And marketing tacics??? Since when has a mass marketer had the money to mail something in a bottle?????

Anonymous said...

Did you include your name and return address on the invitations? I got one in a bottle with sand for a Miami Beach wedding last year and opened it right up since it had the bride's name in the return address.

kenju said...

Thanks for the visit, Diane. You have no idea how eclectic I am - with music and other things....LOL

mollymcmo said...

i think that creativity is awesome!!!
LMAO at the whole terror thang! too funny!


running42k said...

Great idea for the invitations. Funny response to it though.

Just a trumpet player said...

Darn... there's coffee all over my desk now !

Well, you did mention you wanted your day to be special...

utenzi said...

Cuba in the Spring? Nah. Too much baseball. Better to wait until the Fall.

That is a very unusual looking invitation, Diane. It's a wonder you don't run a marketing firm. You're a natural.