It's Almost Here

In only nine days, I travel to Egypt to meet my husband's family for the very first time. As you can imagine I am curious, excited, and nervous. Fortunately, I am not traveling alone. Along with Max, my brother Chico makes the journey to this historic country. Even before I met my husband, traveling to Egypt has been a goal of mine and my brother since we were kids. It means so much to be sharing this trip with him.

Although I haven't physically met Max's family, I have spoken with them by phone. His father, two sisters, and nephew speak perfect English with an almost British accent. His mother only knows enough to tell me that she wishes to have a granddaughter in the family.

"Make baby. I want a girl," she says, giggling the entire time.

Since we've already been married two months, I'm sure she wonders what is taking so long.

I've left the planning of this trip completely to Max and his family. We arrive in Cairo, spend a couple days touring the pyramids, and then will head to a resort area somewhere along the Red Sea. We will spend a full week at the resort, in part to escape the 100 degree temperatures in Cairo. Then before returning to the United States, we will visit Max's extended family and take a dinner cruise down the Nile. I am also looking forward to a Henna painting ceremony for Max's female relatives and me. Apparently, this is a all the rage in Egypt, something special for brides just prior to their wedding.

Doesn't it all sound amazing?

Max understands my need to journal and blog about the experience, and he is prepared to take me to Internet cafes around the country if necessary. I do have the best intentions of posting to this site, as well as a trip journal I set up for my family and friends. I've included a link to my trip journal on the side bar if any of you want to get all the nitty gritty details of the trip--the sort that will only interest my family. Longtime readers are familiar with this routine because I have produced journals for trips to Greece and China. On the site, readers will find a place set e-mail notification of updates, as well as a messages center. This is how my family and friends will sends notes to me, Chico, and Max while we're away. I love getting messages because it makes me feel as though my friends and family are sharing in the adventure.

Of course, I hope to keep Martinis updated as well. There may be few topics I wouldn't feel comfortable discussing with my family-like how Chico has been e-mailing Max's youngest sister over the last few months and whether anything is developing. So my trip journal will be the place where I share the Pollyanna version of Egypt, while Martinis will offer a more complete picture on the off chance anything doesn't go well.

But let's hope that doesn't happen.


utenzi said...

I'm sure the trip will go quite well, Diane, for both you and Max, and probably Chico as well. Of course you might end up leaving Chico in Egypt as the Max family exerts its magic on another member of your family!

It'll be great to see pictures of you and your extended family on this journey, Diane. I'm jealous tho. Egypt is such a historical country. I'd love to go there too.

LZ Blogger said...

I would love to see Egypt! ~ jb///

evercurious said...

I hope you have a great time Diane. I'm sure the Max family will love to meet you. I can't wait to hear all about it.

AmyD said...

Soooo exciting! I'm glad, though, that you plan to update us. Selfish? Yes. Loyal? Absolutely. :o) Have an amazing time!!!

zerodoll said...

it DOES sound amazing, can't wait to hear all about it!