If you buy it... it will come?

As I languish in the softening housing market, Max has been flourishing over in Germany. He officially starts his new job October 1 and will spend the next three weeks transitioning into his new role. On Thursday and Friday of this week, he will begin apartment scouting. And, if he finds a place that he feels we couldn’t live without, I’ve given Max permission to go ahead and secure a lease.

You might think this brave of me—giving my husband the ultimate authority to choose our new abode. But to me, knowing this will only be a 2-to-3 year assignment makes where we live seem less important. In fact, I only made two requirements known to my husband: that there be a food market and coffee shop (with wireless access, of course) within walking distance. If Max locates a flat that meets these requirements, I’m good to go.

You’d think with work and housing considerations taking such a high priority, Max wouldn’t be thinking of much else. But, he is. Most of our phone calls have revolved around what our new car purchase will be once we move because we can’t take either the BMW or the Element with us when we go. I had assumed, because we’ll be living in the land of BMW, Mercedes, and the fast-paced Autobahn, he would be thinking about a sports car purchase. But, alas, the man has another desire.

A 2008 Volvo Station Wagon

That’s right, folks. You are seeing my words correctly. Max wants to give up our BMW convertible for STATION WAGON!

“Excuse me?” I said. “But, WHAT are you thinking?”

“Well, Diane,” he began. “Since we’re hoping to get along with one car, don’t you think we should make it family-friendly?”

“But you know Charlie likes riding in the Beamer as much as we do.” I responded.

“Not for the dog, silly…for a baby…”

Oh that. I’d nearly forgotten. Since our trip Egypt (sharing a room with Chico) and Max being in Germany for the rest of the month, there hasn’t been much opportunity to try and make a baby.

But I guess Max is hopeful that if he buys a family-friendly, 2008 Volvo station wagon, a baby will surely follow—right after we send our forwarding address to Mr. Stork for good measure.

Besides, who determined that a convertible couldn't be a family car, anyway?


Not a Granny said...

I found you over at Bluepaintred. Not A Grampy picked out our house here 10 years ago. We were stationed in Alaska at the time and I had to stay there. He did email me a few pictures, kitchen, garage door opener, garage. I love it though, he did good!

utenzi said...

Volvo's are such a good responsible choice for the burgeoning family, Diane. Max is very wise.

Me said...

I think Britney Spears would totally agree that a convertible is a great car for a newborn...HA! Just kidding.

You should email me sometime. I keep wondering where in Germany you two will be going. I know a few expats around Frankfurt who are absolutely awesome and would make a great group for you to meet.... :) Of course, you guys might be going to Munich or such.

SassyAssy said...

Should I send you a diaper bag as a going away present? ;)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, blog fans want to know where. My honey and I will be in Frankfurt on Oct 16 and 17. When do you get there and where is there?

Diane Mandy said...

Not Granny - Your story gives me hope that Max will make the right decision.

U- Wise, yes. But is a station wagon chic and sexy? If I do become a mother I want to be a chic and sexy mother. Driving a station wagon doesn't fit my image.

Me- I will e-mail you. Frankfurt is only a couple hours from where will live!

Anon- We don't move till December 1st (or thereabouts) but I might be over in Germany near the time you are--if Max doesn't find a suitable apt before he returns to the U.S. Where?? I'd like to know that myself. We're hoping for Heidelberg, but Max is looking at a few other towns. We'll see,

Diane Mandy said...

Sassy- Might want to make it a pooper scooper for Charlie at the rate we're going.

utenzi said...

Diane, you were driving an Element. Those are so unsexy they could be used as birth control--the Volvo will be a big step upward. Losing that Beamer is another matter. You need to negotiate with Max about that.

Diane Mandy said...

No you didn't, Utenzi. Elements are cute and spunky! I've gotten more compliments on my ride than Max does on the Beamer.

Suvii said...

I rode in the Element yesterday and the thing is very eye-catching and dare I say, cute!!! Ummm yeah, can't agree with Max on the station wagon. We considered an Audi station wagon, but I made a promise to myself long ago that I would never drive a station wagon or a mini-van, so I couldn't bring myself to do it, so we settled on an Audi sedan.. and it's roomy enough for a baby!

Tonya Allison said...

Gasp! What IS he thinking?? How bout a sexy SUV? I just drove an Acura RDX when my car was in the shop - very cool. Although, for a wagon, I have to say the volvo is pretty sharp.

Dan-E said...

while your element is very nice, wagons are the thing in europe. europeans don't know what to make of our obsession with suvs so wagons are far more commonplace than what you'd see here.

however, since wagons are so popular over there, you'll see quite a few more variants than you'll see here, even sport wagons (that's not an oxymoron) by bmw, audi, mercedes, and saab, as well as the aforementioned volvo.

my personal favorite is the audi s4 avant, which is a compact wagon with a big, honkin' v-8 and 340 horsepower. that's a q-ship any family will like.