Back Home Empty Handed

One day of access to the Internet from my hotel room costs over 30 dollars. Outrageous! However, the only English-channel I have had access to since arriving in Germany is CNN World, and if I have to watch Larry King or Anderson Cooper one more time I worried I might do something dangerous. I tried to branch out in my TV viewing habits, watching 20 full minutes of an Arab-language version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire before succumbing to my desire to be connected. I rationalized that $30 is a paltry sum in comparison to my mental health and well being and will submit the Internet fee to Max’s company guilt-free.

Where to begin?

I saw eight apartments during my weeklong visit to Germany. After serious contemplation, my husband and I have decided to take temporary living arrangements during the month of December. I would rather wait in the hopes of finding an apartment that easily suits us, rather than settle.

I learned one important lesson during this first visit. Germans in this part of the country love to have an afternoon break of coffee and cake. I could easily gain 20 pounds living here. The food is delectable (although a lot of it is fried); the wine is fabulous (and cheap). I don’t have to worry about how I’ll spend my time when I’m no longer working—I’ll be at the gym trying to work off my ever-bulging belly.

I have so much more to tell you, but have decided to wait until we move to share stories of daily living. Trust me—there will be stories. At first glance life in Germany seems very similar to life in the United States, but subtle differences are bound to keep things interesting for months to come.

That’s all from here! I fly out this morning and arrive home by dinner tonight. I’m anxious to see my new American citizen—Max.

As we say here in Mannheim…



kenju said...

I am hoping that you are home safely by now - although the weather here may delay that landing somewhat.

egan said...

Safe travels back to the States. What is it about Anderson Cooper that bugs you? I can't put my finger on it, but he gets under my skin a bit too. Is it possible he's too compassionate?

Without access to the internet, I feel so lost. Sad, but true.

Siryn said...

If you walk around and don't drive everywhere, you can keep the weight off.

I heart Anderson Cooper!