Follow that bird

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street?

Every day, I take steps that make relocation to Germany seem even more real. I’ve forwarded my mail, canceled the XM radio subscription, and designated my sister as my power-of-attorney to pay any residual bills or to sign contracts in my absence.

This relocation is eating up hours of my day. Even when I’m not doing something move-related, it’s on my mind anyway. I’ll be cooking dinner and it will hit me: “Don’t forget to send for your driving record. Stock up on training treats for Charlie. Close your Belk account.” As a result, my refrigerator is covered with yellow post-it note reminders, strangely organized in such a way to be taking on the shape of Big Bird.

Come and play!
Everythings A-O-kay.
Friendly neigh-
bors there, that's were we meet.
Can you tell me how to get,
how to get to Sesame Street?

It’s not always taxing chores, however. This weekend I went on a $1,400 shopping spree. Max and I made a list of things we’d probably need over the next couple years—household items that would be cheaper to buy in the U.S. thanks to the devaluation of the dollar. Based on recommendation of other ex-pats, we also stocked up on our favorite cold medicines and deodorants—the types of products that are formulated differently in other countries. As a result, my single-car garage looks like a fallout shelter, if not for a nuclear attack, than at least for a bird flu pandemic. This just reminded me to schedule my flu shot next week. Where’s that sticky pad?

You see what I mean?

I’ve also been getting requests from Max’s coworkers in Germany to bring things over from everything from Flavor-aid drink packages to Swivel stroller clips. I had no idea what these products were and had to enlist the help of a mother of young children. It turns out Flavor-aid is a cheaper version of Kool-Aid, and only Food Lion carries it in my area. I called six stores before I found one that carried the flavors I need.

Swivel stroller clips were even more puzzling to me. Thankfully a helpful clerk at Toys R Us enlightened me. The clips were, of course, on also an isle that featured Sesame Street products. I kid you not.

I think I finally have everything I need.

It's a magic carpet ride,
ev'ry door will open wide
to happy people like you.
Happy people like,
what a beautiful
Sunny day...

Wednesday, I finally leave for Germany to begin looking for a place to live. I’m anxious to explore the area and to get a feel for the place. If I find something, you’ll be the first to know because I am bringing my Mac book and a digital camera along for the ride.

And next week, if you are really good boys and girls, I’ll do an interpretive dance to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood theme song.


kenju said...

While your life is incredibly complicated just now, thanks to the international move, it is very exciting too - and I enjoy living it along with you!

P.S. re your comment? Yeah, I'm for real. Are you?

jayfish said...

ooooh, interpretive dance? going for the video blogging next?

utenzi said...

Good luck, Diane. I hope you find a place that you love, that will be a home for you both during these years that you'll be overseas.

LZ Blogger said...

Wow Diane... this move thing is really getting to sound SO CLOSE! I loved the "sticky note" reference. Where would we all be w/o those annoying little yellow things? ~ jb///

AmyD said...

If you do an interpretive dance to Mr. Roger's, I swear I will wet my pants. But I digress... ;o)

I wish you tons of luck in finding a place to live! Have a safe trip and we will be here to provide advice or a "shoulder" if you need it. Have fun with it! No matter what, you have your wonderful man by your side; he won't ever let you fall.