What a difference a day makes

Today I ate a tossed salad and grilled steak.

As hard as I try not to simply recap the daily on-goings in my life, I can’t avoid a simple summary these days. My life is just too hectic to take the time I need to reflect on my life and relationships in any meaningful way. And without reflection, I can’t even begin to write a coherent paragraph. For this, I apologize.

But I do have some news to report. My home was shown for the first time since early September and the feedback I received was positive—something along the lines of “the client LOVED it, but thinks he needs one more bedroom. You have a beautiful home and I think it will sell very quickly.” No, it wasn’t a sale. But least I wasn’t told the home is priced too high, the paint job is gaudy, or otherwise defective. The other bit of good news regarding the sale—a woman I showed the home to weeks ago called to tell me she was seriously interested in buying it, but had to make sure another property closed three weeks from now. Again, the call was not a signed contract, but it taught me not to become too anxious. Sometimes things can happen very quickly. Any day can bring a change.

Speaking of the difference a day can make, I can share even more exciting news. After fourteen years of living and working in the United States, my husband has been granted permission to become a citizen. He will be sworn in before month's end. What a huge relief to us both!


Me said...

Congrats to Max for the citizenship!!!That's a huge relief...and yay, now he can vote...I am looking forward to getting mine as well. :)

Airam said...

That's great about your house! It must be nerve racking having it on the market ... good luck in selling it! And congrats on your husband's news ... that's fantastic!

kenju said...

Congratulations to Max! What does his family think of that?

In this real estate market, you are lucky. I hope that woman sells her house so she can put an offer on yours!

LZ Blogger said...

Diane ~ Great news about Max becoming a citizen! Also the news about your house sounds at least somewhat optimistic! ~ jb///

November Rain said...

life always has times of being hectic

if you start dreaming of driving or riding and you can't control the car though remember that it because your subconscious is telling you your life is out of control and you need to slow down

Dont neglect taking just a few minutes of me time

it is okay to be a little selfish

utenzi said...

It's a little ironic that Max is able to become a citizen here at the same time he's being sent overseas to live. Life can be weird.

AmyD said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on the positive feedback AND one being married to an official American (well, soon, anyway)! ;o)

Much luck with future buyers...I know if this was taken of your full plate, it would make things SO much easier for you. I've got my fingers crossed for you!