Life is Good

The days continue to tick down for Max and me. We only have twenty-five days to go before exiting the good ol’ United States.

Everyday, I work to physically prepare for this move. This past weekend, for example, Max and I spent an entire day filling out an inventory sheet for insurances purposes. We took photographs of every item being stored and shipped, counted towels, dishes silver, pots, and pans, and put a dollar figure against everything. Better safe than sorry.

Through the process, I learned, despite my efforts to pair down and clean out, I own 48 pairs of shoes. Max and I also counted 30 bath towels, 3 aprons, and 7 cooking mitts. Who needs 7 cooking mitts? I do. I want to take as much of my stuff as possible. Maybe this new attachment to worldly possessions has been heightened because I feel like I am leaving behind so much—my career, my family, my friends, my favorite restaurants, my house.

Speaking of house, it shows an average one time a week. This weekend a young couple showed interest in the property, but still no offers. It looks as if my home will stand empty until it sells. I’m stressed out about this fact. Life would have been so much better had the house sold before we left.

But I’m not going to spend this post complaining. Life is good. We found a beautiful place just outside in Bad Durkheim, Germany, to call our home. Living thousands of miles away will not dampen the closeness I feel toward my family and friends. Max will work and travel less, giving us much needed quality time together. And soon, I will have time to blog to my heart’s content.

Really, could it get much better?


Me said...

You will love living in Germany. :)

kenju said...

sounds good to me - and I hope your home will catch someone's eye soon.

JustJunebug said...

You sound like me. Why on earth I had 3 sets of dishes is just ridiculous.

And I had 70+ pairs of shoes. And only managed to get rid of about 10 of those before moving.

It feels weird to say I am going to miss you when you're gone..

But I relish in the fact that you won't really be gone. :o)

LZ Blogger said...

Diane –
Thanks for checking in at my little place. Looks like I have missed a couple of exciting posts here. That’s GREAT news about getting that “VERY cool place” outside Bad Durkheim! It is such a contemporary 13th century abode. (That sounds a little weird doesn’t it?) Well… at least an oxymoron. It was just awesome to hear the good news about that at any rate.

Really… 48 pairs of shoes? I think you’ve watched too many re-runs of “Sex In The City”! Please tell me they were from DSW and NOT Jimmy Choo’s? The principle doesn’t change here… ONLY the investment!

I’ve got to run… (I am) on my way to count my wife’s shoes… I’ll get back with you on that! (After all... [and some counting] I could possibly be ALL WRONG HERE!) ~ jb///

sandra said...

I lived overseas for a few years and can vouch for the fact that living that far away really doesn't dampen feeling so close to your family and friends; it just makes you value them that much more.

As for the stuff? Understandable, but a thought -- when I moved, I sold it all and used the money to buy fun new stuff. It was kind of fun.

Jamy said...

I really think it's the human condition to acquire stuff. And women acquire shoes. Though 7 oven mitts makes more sense to me than 30 bath towels. ;)

I love the way you're approaching this. I'm looking forward to vicariously sharing your adventures.

utenzi said...

I'm so glad you were able to rent that fabulous house, Diane. It sounds wonderful. Good luck with your house. It'll certainly be helpful if it sells while you're still here.

Cheryl said...

Actually, it sounds pretty excellent. I have an odd attachment to things sometimes. And why not have 7 oven mitts?

brandy said...

I continue to use face cloths as oven mitts because I don't have one. And shockingly, it is possible to get burned using the face cloth. So, I think 7 cooking mitts is a good thing. Actually, a great thing. :)