I couldn’t resist cracking open a complimentary fortune cookie after lunch today. Ordinarily, I don’t believe in mystic practices whether it is horoscopes, fortunetellers, dream interpretations, or the like. But now that I am about to embark on a life that is filled with unknowns, I’ll take a little guidance and sudden insight from just about any source.

Besides, after unwrapping and reading the contents of my cookies, I couldn’t help but believe its proverb.

“Adventures can be a real happiness.”

This simple fortune reminded me of how I first felt when I learned of our relocation. I saw it as an agent for change and embraced the move to Europe as an opportunity for a wonderful adventure. And deep, deep down, I still feel this way. I’m sure once Max and I actually move, my mood will be less emotional and more excited.

So I apologize for all my whining as of late. In my life outside the Martini Lounge I try to maintain a sunny disposition and stiff upper lip. But here in my more private, virtual world, I can let me emotions come through. For this, I am grateful.


AmyD said...

Whining? What whining?? And if you can't do that here, on your personal space in the internet-world, where can you?? I think you are being completely open and inviting to this change in your life; I would be a flipping MESS.

Hang in there, and enjoy your last week in the States. A new and exciting life awaits you. :o)

kenju said...

I haven't thought you were whining at all; just being realistic about the stresses of international moving.

running42k said...

I didn't think you were whining. There are some incredibly powerful emotions to deal with the move and you have done great in my opinion.

I am sure you and Max will meet this next adventure with gusto.

sandra said...

I honestly think it'd be weird if you weren't at all scared. It'll be great, and you guys both know that, I'm sure -- but not being able to picture exactly HOW it'll be great is hard.