In Vogue

Now that I’m a stay-at-home hausfrau, I roll out of bed around 9am each morning. If I had my druthers, I’d spend the next 12 hours walking around like this.

High-water pajama bottoms or old sweatpants, slippers, a shirt, 3 sizes to big, and worn either right side or inside out—if I weren’t stepping outside my own courtyard, would it really matter?

And since my fingers are the only part of my body getting any real exercise these days, blogging to my heart’s content, bathing could be an every other day occurrence. And, wearing any trace of cosmetics could be done even less frequently, right?

If I had my druthers, yes. But I don’t.

You see, my landlord, Mr. Orth, both lives and works in part of our large, L-shaped house. We each have private entrances, and share the courtyard. This arrangement is not unusual in Germany.

But what is unusual is that Mr. Orth, a sweet and outgoing person, has made it a point to befriend Max and me. On New Year’s, three days after moving in, we joined him for dinner at an old castle overlooking the wine region. Saturday, we went to a party at his girlfriend’s house. We have coffee together twice a week. He’s even walked my dog when we are away.

This burgeoning relationship is a joy to be sure, but it makes it difficult for me to walk around like a bum. So, I take a shower every morning, put on a complete outfit, and dab a little foundation under my eyes to hide noticeable blemishes. On a really good day, I put on mascara and lip gloss. It’s a chore, really.

But I am not dressing only for Mr. Orth’s benefit. In this small town, I have hardly witnessed a woman who is not dressed for even the most mundane errands. Personally, I’d forego the hair and makeup, throw on a holey pair of sweats, and run to the grocery store. But here, I haven’t seen anyone roaming around in such fashion. Perhaps in the cities, especially with the younger generation, dress might be different. But here in this small, very German town, it seems as though it would be inappropriate. I wonder if this a cultural difference?

June Cleaver or Rosanne Barr? If you were a stay at home housewife, what would you wear?


mrsmogul said...

I actually wear regular clothes not a robe when I work at home. It's a mental thing too because if I am in PJs forget it, I won't do a thing but that's impossible because I have a toddler!

Oh yes I do remember the child prodigy story!

catherinette said...

Now that is a hot little outfit. You should feel proud to wear that for Mr. Orth.

Bluepaintred said...

Most days I wear my jammies until about five minutes before hubs gets home. Some days I wear them from the time i wake up until I take them off to go to bed. Other days - rarely, I get dressed and do my make up.

however, If I have to go out at all that day I am showered and dressed by the time the children wake for school.

Comfortable clothes are awesome!

karey m. said...

i am loving your blog! could stay here for days! and i know what you mean about dressing for the day. or the landlord. i have to admit that i secretly wish for our water tanks to empty so that...sigh...i just can't be bothered with a shower today. it's for the environment, you know.

thanks a million for the kind words on my site.

David said...

in summer I might wear a lot less
but for now I need a thick bathrobe and slippers. its freezing outside, and the fire is not going yet this morning.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I found that too when I was in Germany, or any Europian country. We North Americans are the pro casual, pajama bottom at the grocery store culture. I wonder if it has to do with we the US and Canada being so much younger culturally. I remember being in Cologne, Germany and seeing a house that was built 1000 yrs before my country was discovered.

Me said...

Hilarious. I blogged about taht in September. How my mom (in Germany) will make a major face if I want to leave the house in my workout pants and a baseball hat...and I always say "But Mom, I can wait in the car. We are just getting the dry cleaning"...No dice. Have to get dressed. LOL

June said...

I would be a little of both. Depending on my mood.

Now since I only get to work from home ever so often, when I do it, I am in my pj pants and a race tshirt 14 sizes too big for me and my fluffy rhinestoned slippers.

Thats just the kind of girl I am :)

Sizzle said...

i think after a week or so of being roseanne i would want a little june. maybe a happy medium? because if i don't get dressed in a presentable outfit on a daily basis, i tend to get depressed.

but i've never had the opportunity to experiment. ;)

The Guv'ner said...

Damn Europeans and their proper attire. No wait...I'm European and I will happily amble to the store looking like a hobo. Must be a German thing. I am a little odd though since I'll go out in rags to run an errand, however, I MUST WEAR MASCARA to cover my light eyelashes. I can be wearing pants full of holes and a scummy top but goddamn, that mascara better be there.

egan said...

I'd wear just about the same stuff as you. I love the pajamas for lounging all day. Not sure about the pink slippers, but slippers of other colors are good.

Is Mr. Orth a looker?

patches said...

Winter: jeans, sweater, and wool socks.
Spring: shorts and a t-shirt, no socks.
Summer: shorts and a t-shirt, no socks.
Fall: shorts and a t-shirt, no socks.

meno said...

I prefer the term "retired" to "housewife." Makes me sound less......like a housewife.

my normal outfit is jeans and a sweater. I live in the Northwest, so layering is good.

kenju said...

On days when I don't have to leave the house, my PJ's and robe stay on nearly all day. But I admit to being embarrassed if someone comes to the house to see me - so I pretend to be sick.

Most days, I wear jeans or casual plants and cotton t-shirts.

Chica said...

Tricky, one doesn't want to end up stuck in a pyjama rut. I suggest a compromise: glamorous from the waist up, jogging bottoms for comfort!

Jenn in Holland said...

This is so cultural down here too, the dressing up to go to the market thing. What is up with that? I so prefer my fuzzy pink slippers and sweat pants. Don't wear 'em out at all, but I do so prefer them.

Christina G said...

I feel ya. We need to shower and dress before we can even head down for breakfast at my (German) in-law's house. I live in a small town too and it's a little annoying that I can't even take the trash out in my pjs or sweats without causing a stir!

cardiogirl said...

Well, I *am* a stay-at-home mom, so I wear workout pants (black with the white stripe down the side), Converse low tops, T-shirt and hoodie.

If I were a stat-at-home wife, I would wear the same except blue jeans instead of workout pants. You know, to keep my man happy :) Gotta put *some* kind of effort into it.