Seven Random Things

I’m it--tagged by Tenacious D. I don't consider myslef a meme snob, but it’s been a while since I’ve done one because memes usually make my brain hurt. This one gave me one hell of a headache. I mean, really, what don’t you know about me?

7. When we left Raleigh, I didn’t think I was ever going to get over the loss of my true love, Keurig. A couple months in Germany and I’ve discovered that time does heal all wounds. My relationship was just a crush. Instead, I have fallen in love with a younger, Italian model. He makes waking up in the mornings oh so worth it!

6. Max and I allow our pets, Charlie and Rascal, to sleep in bed with us. It’s odd. Here we have a spacious house, and my little family cuddles all together into one tiny room at night. Especially now that we are in Germany, this has become a ritual. We go to bed, Charlie follows right behind us, and two minutes later Rascal is crying at the door. Fortunately, everyone has his or her own side. Max sleeps on the right; I take the left. Charlie sleeps at the foot of the bed; Rascal snuggles us toward the pillows.

5. My family boasts many artists. Both sisters, a cousin, my niece and my mother all paint beautifully. My brother plays drums and sings. I can’t do anything artistic. In fact, I failed scissors on my kindergarten report card. The teacher said I had bad dexterity.

4. I’m not a picky eater, but I do despise the following: mayonnaise, bleu cheese, ranch dressing, sausage, and ham.

3. Bruce Springsteen once told my mother I was a cute baby. Our parents were friends, and he was just a teenager. My mother’s response? “Bruce, what do you know about babies?” But, what does this say about my mother? Wasn't I a cute baby?

2. Talk about a small world! I went to a Mexican restaurant in Athens, Greece, where Max had worked as a waiter. Weird, huh?

1. I once played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello, in a weekend television promotion at a mall. Mother was so proud.

This is where things get tricky and I am suppose to tag folks. But I can’t choose between you all! So if you are reading these words and would like to play along, consider yourself tagged.


Bluepaintred said...

Number two is seriously freaky!


My son is failing scissors right now as we type! The school has got him some sort of special scissor that will "make him hold them properly, If he does not, they will hurt his hand"

I am envisioning spikes and chains to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Hope the pets in bed don't preclude work on the pregnancy front!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you have pictures of you dressed up as on of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! That is so funny!

brandy said...

#3? That's awesome. Seriously. The Boss said you were cute. Man. I could live on that compliment forever.

kenju said...

I enjoyed your meme, Diane. I hate bleu cheese too! I don't even like to smell it.

Mr. kenju has a friend who lives in NJ in the same area as Bruce. He used to eat at our friend's restaurant, and I once sat in a chair that he had sat in...LOL

I think (actually I know) that mr. kenju would have failed dexterity in scissors too - but he didn't have the chance. The schools he went to (parochial) didn't use scissors, paste, crayons or anything creative.

ms chica said...

This list is rich! My sister once played Clifford the big dog for a book signing. That was hard earned cash!

Remember there is a downside to being the creative sort (#5), I can draw like a fiend, but I always have trouble remembering where I parked my car.

Cheryl said...

For a while, I had some difficulty getting the scissors in the right hand unless I faced a certain direction. And look at me now!

M said...

#3 oh my god! <3