Just super!

If you pricked me with a needle this morning, my veins would drip coffee not blood. I’m trying to wake up from the fog that is my morning, but it’s a losing battle. My satellite TV might not be working yet, but I was still able to stay up all night and follow the election coverage via live video feed from CNN. Super Tuesday turned into Super Wednesday morning as I waited and waited for California and New Mexico’s results to come into the anchorman’s news desk.

In the end it was worth sleep deprivation. I’m satisfied with the results. I’ll take the Democratic draw and anxiously wait for the next primary states to, for once, actually have a more meaningful say in the selection process. For me, watching election returns is tantamount to watching a big sporting event. I get the same thrill in these tight races as I would a literal horse race. Super Tuesday is my Super Bowl, only without the amusing commercials.

Except this year, I didn’t get a chance to watch all those highly anticipated Super Bowl ads, the ones advertisers were willing to pay 2.7 million dollars for 30 seconds to air. I could not tell you what Bud Light’s fire-breathing guy looked like or what the Audi Godfather was all about. Max and I watched the game at the home of our military friends via AFN, or the American Forces Network. While you were laughing at or rolling your eyes at Justin Timberlake, I was nodding off to military public service announcements with some of the poorest production values I’ve seen. Through this experience I learned that, unlike election returns, I really do watch the Super Bowl for its glitzy commercials. Without them, it feels like just another game-- one that I fell asleep on and missed the stunning conclusion.

Super Bowl or Super Tuesday, do you think the best team won? Or if you'd rather not say, tell me what was your favorite Super Bowl commerical?


running42k said...

From what I saw of the commercials, you didn't miss much.

Anonymous said...

Not responsive to your question, but I watched the SuperBowl in Canada once and it was probably only slightly better than your experience. We got about 40% of the US commercials, including a few of the ones that had some buzz the next day, but a majority were Canadian commercials with low production value. I think the primary advertiser during that game was some Canadian tire company. I won't make that mistake again.

The Guv'ner said...

I didn't watch much of either to be honest! I could tell the Superbowl result from the hollering outside my apartment! Giants fans are LOUD.

My company had a commercial in the Bowl this year - actually two - the E*Trade spots with the talking baby. They've gone down pretty well I think.

As for Super Tuesday, I posted my uh...predictions...last night:) SORT OF.

Danie said...

I woke up at 5AM IST (Indian Suggested Time) just as the polls were closing in Georgia. Exciting stuff. Ever since the Bush/Gore fiasco, I've been an election junkie. The thing is, I'm not American. But I love it.

As for the Superbowl. I'm a wee bit bitter, I don't think I can talk about it yet. My sister did post two smashing commercials on her blog. They're the only ones I've seen but they really tickled me.

PS...love your label.

AmyD said...

I was no doubt happy with the Giants winning, since i would have felt sick if those cheatin' Pats would have had an all-win season. Yes, I rooted for the Giants solely based on this fact! I'm marrying a Packers fan, after all... ;o) Had the Pats not been under fire for this "spygate" situation, hottie Tom Brady would have had my vote.

As for the election, I feel guilty for admitting that last night, I finally told CL that all the political-chatter in the background was getting on my nerves. I guess if I weren't able to watch it in realtime and was in a new country like you are, I would appreciate it much more. Thanks for that perspective; I'll try harder from now on! :o)

Jennifer said...

Super Tuesday was super awesome. I'm satisfied, too.

As for the Super Bowl, it was a great game this year, but the commercials...well, they sucked. You didn't miss much, I promise.

Besides, there's a website out there somewhere that shows them all if you really want to see how bland they were!

ms chica said...

I saw Super Tuesday from the trenches, and honestly the outcome was of little concern when compared to the process. You know my feelings about participation...however, it was an honor to assist those who still believe.