View from the kitchen window

How do people come up with these great ideas? Today’s post is the brainchild of Lynda at Lulusbay in Cairo. She requests that bloggers post a picture of the view from their kitchen windows. Please know this request is not only reserved for expatriates. Anyone can share his or her view, the sight you see everyday while sipping that cup of morning joe or perusing favorite blogs.

So here’s the view. I don’t have much to look at because my kitchen, once the barn of this 1000-year-old house, opens into the courtyard. My house is shaped like an ‘L’ and the courtyard completes a rectangle with the house. For this reason, none of my windows offer a view outside the stone walls.

In fact, only one small window, positioned rooftop, offers a view of the vineyard, which is in crawling distance to the house. Now only early February, you might not be able clearly see the vines. But rest assured, it will be in full grape production this summer.

So, now it’s your turn. Show us your view! Post a picture from your kitchen window and tell Lynda so she can add a link to it from her site.


Lynda said...

I am loving those conifers... like the guardians at the gate. A few people have been talking about how bad the view is because of winter.. I am thinking we will have to run this post again in a few months so everyone can put their money where their mouth is! LOL So is the wine good? It is the one thing I miss the most here in Cairo.. no great wine.

Danie said...

My kitchen windows are frosted. Zero view. If they weren't frosted, my view would be of servant quarters. I miss the view from my last kitchen window...a golf course.

Jamy said...

No windows in my kitchen! Sigh. Ok, there is a window that used to have a view, but now it looks into another room. Not sure that would make a good pic. :(

I like your view, though. Peaceful.

catherinette said...

The view from your window is much nicer than mine. I have the remains of a mint green tin shed in my backyard. Hello, eyesore!

Cheryl said...

I don't have kitchen windows :( They are in the living room/dining room and shine into the kitchen area. Your view is nicely, subtly European. I like it.

Sarah said...

Uh, jealous! There are no windows in my kitchen--stupid loft apartment!

running42k said...

The recipe you requested is here


mrsmogul said...

I don't have a kitchen window! I would be scare to live rural like that!!
I am too city!

Lise said...

Surprising how many of us have no window in our kitchens...but I see the Rocky Mountains every day on my way to work, so that more than makes up for it :)

Diane Mandy said...

Lynda - I just saw your view, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining. That's Cairo for you! I have never been a fan of Reisling, but I have had some WONDERFUL ones here in Germany. Also, I had one excellent German red, but usually I go for the Italian red (oh so very cheap here) when I'm in the mood for a dark and vibrant wine. Thanks again for the idea. It was fun!

Danie- FROST in India? Why have I never put those two words together? Where, may I ask, was your last house?

Jamy-You should come and take it in for yourself. There are some GREAT specials from DC to Frankfurt right now. Max is gone two weeks in April. Consider yourself invited.

Cathrinette- Go check out Lynda's veiw before deciding not to post your view. You have me curious.

Cheryl - Thanks! But I guess I can't take creidt for it.

Sarah- I guess you're right. A boring view is better than no view.

Running- Oh yea! I do remember it now. Thanks for resending it to me.

Mrs Mogul- Ha! Ha! You make me laugh. But did't I mention I am in crawling distance to the vineyard. Now THAT"S gotta count for something.

Hello Lise- I love the rockies! Btw, do you have a blog I can visit?

egan said...

Now that's some view you have there. How's the bike? Been riding it much or is the weather not so conducive to that now? Hope all is well on the other side of The Pond.

I think I just fell in love with Lynda for using the word "conifers". Hold me Lynda!

Liza S. said...

Wow, your view looks wonderful! It looks so peaceful and serene. Is this what it's actually like where you live? I'm thoroughly jealous. Definitely taking a photo of my non exotic view when I get home.

patches said...

Kitchen view? depends on which window. From one I can see my neighbor's garbage receptacle, another his eyesore of a pool house, and the third...yeah I should just post pictures and get it over with, huh? Technically the view is from the eat-in side of the kitchen.

traveller one said...

I came to visit you...
because Lynda told us to!

I really thought this was fun,
I see I'm not the only one!

Carol said...

I'm glad Lynda added you! 1000 year old house? Zowie!

Carol (Seattle... also on Lynda's kitchen-view blogrole)

juz said...

I followed here from Lynda's as well.

WOW, I can't believe your house is 1000 years old!! OH MY! (or was it a bit of an exageration??)

WOW - What a small world! My sister lives in Mannheim! I do not jest! She actually now lives with her hubby in Ilversheim. She is an Aussie Ballerina.


Diane Mandy said...

Juz- Yes, it really is a 1000-years old. No exaggeration. Cool about your sister. A ballerina? Now THAT'S cool. I live in a nearby town only 20 minutes from Mannheim