What I didn’t blog about this week

Saturday – Going head-to-head with a Russian and Guatemalan in shooting a very poor quality tequila called “Sierra”.

Sunday – The resulting hangover, staying in bed until 1pm while Max cleaned up the house post-party and never once made me feel guilty about it. Having my husband tell me that I attempted to give my dog, Charlie, tequila (at the urging of the Guatemalan), and not having a single recollection of this event.

TuesdayTheresa not showing up for salsa class. Strange, no?

Wednesday – Finally having a working satellite connection for our television (yey!), also known as 57 Channels and Nothin’ On (boo!). We do have three English channels—BBC News, CNN World, Aljezeera English—Nickelodeon Germany, MTV Germany, a host French, Spanish, Austrian, Swiss, Turkish, and Arabic channels, and at least 15 different porn channels.

Friday – The fact that it's leap day and my second babysitting job *ever*—two 2-year old twins. I am afraid, very afraid!


Danie said...

Saturday - poor quality stuff will get you everytime.

Sunday - Poor Charlie. And you're lucky to be married to a good sport.

Tuesday - Fascinating. I was so looking forward to the next chapter though.

Wednesday - For everything else, there's Slingbox.

Friday - The last time I babysat twin boys. One distracted me while the other emptied the watercooler onto the kitchen floor.

Have a great weekend! - Danie

V-Grrrl said...

I was married for 13 years before we decided to have children. They're 12 and 10 now. When I wiped the youngest one's butt for the last time many years ago, I vowed never to change another diaper.

Good luck with the twins and brace yourself for another hangover. Taking care of babies is just like drinking too much--it's fun at the time but after a while you lose your sense of self and balance, develop a headache, and feel more tired than you ever thought possible.

Diane Mandy said...

Danie and V-grrrl - Neither one of you are comforting me at the moment. ;-)

G in Berlin said...

Wow- so that's what it's like to be an expat without children!Exceptfor the tequila (always gives me a headache) it all sounds like a lot of fun. And Max sounds like a gem!
2 year olds are fun- old enough to watch cartoons if you are going crazy, young enough to be calmed with a bottle and a hug.They love blocks and knocking them down.

And you know how I feel about Slingbox- its tag goes with my 'staying same' label!

running42k said...

I would imagine a few blog entries could come out of the first two items listed.

15 different porn channels eh. At least you will learn to moan in different languages.

June said...

Saturday and sunday: I once was so drunk on tequila I fed my cat quacamole cause I was out of food. We were both sick the next day.

Tuesday: Good. I'm glad she didnt show. Ho. ;o)

Wednesday: Go for the porn. Oh how I love me some good porn.

Friday: Yeah, I'm afraid too. Godspeed.

Cheryl said...

Did Charlie drink the tequila?

Have fun baby sitting! Maybe you'll need another drink when it's done.

Diane Mandy said...

42k - yep on both counts.

June - It's hard not to watch, trust me.

Cheryl - apparently a little, until Max intervened. I still can't believe I don't remember it.

Dan-E said...

getting into a drinking contest with a russian, and baby sitting twins in their terrible twos... wow you're brave.

15 porn channels? seriously? that's like... awesome.

kenju said...

Poor Charlie; he wouldn't know what hit him.

Angel... said...

Nice blog...I like it

Will be back

Sizzle said...

TWO two year olds?

You'll be needing more booze after that. ;)

patches said...

Have you ever changed a diaper? I haven't, Good luck with those twins...and bad tequila for the dog, remind me to tell you about the mai tai bar sometime.

The Grunt said...

The party hasn't started until somebody tries to get the dog drunk.

M said...

lol, feeding tequila to your DOG?!!

karey m. said...

i stopped drinking brown stuff. it wasn't pretty.

theresa. good riddance.

AmyD said...

Hahaha! Sounds like you had the weekend of a teenager! ;o) So...how was the babysitting experience? You MUST have some stories for us!

Shelly said...

Just looking at tequila in type makes me queasy...Jose and I are notttt friends anymore. I miss Jose, we used to have so much fun together.