Not quite levitating yet

Day three of my hunger strike and, despite a moment of light-headedness, I haven’t started levitating yet. So much for a Ghandi-like approach to dieting!

Still, I have been enlightened with certain truths. I have only five short weeks until I see Max’s family again in Egpyt. I’d hate for them to look at me and think, “She’s let herself go”. Of course, as I look at my hands typing out this post, I realize, in truth, I sort of have. In addition to shedding the expat fat, I’m in desperate need of a brow waxing, manicure, and pedicure.

One thing I have tried to keep up with—the hair. I made an appointment at a local hair salon for a haircut and highlights. You’d think my short pixie wouldn’t be very hard to replicate, but I walked out with the worst haircut in years. I don’t think it’s because the stylist was incompetent. With my limited German, I think I was incapable of explaining what I wanted. It’s bad, people. And I’m in a bit of a funk about it. Boo!

But at least I have strung together three successful days of dieting, motivating myself with small, attainable goals.

Goal 1- Squeezing into my favorite sun dress by June 7, the occasion of my one-year wedding anniversary and our celebratory trip to Prague. See that woman in the photo? That’s me--thinner, with great hair, shaped brows, and perfectly manicured hands and feet, wearing her favorite sun dress, the one she wore at her wedding party. I want to be her again, not for Max (who is happy with the present me) or for anyone else for that matter, but for me.

Of course, this isn't being more enlightened, it's being vain.

Ghandi would be so proud.

PS. Requests for bad hair pics will most certainly be turned down. My game plan is to let it grow out for three weeks and head to the first salon I visited in Germany (an hour away) for immediate and corrective surgery. An hour away? Yes--because I'm worth it.


June said...

Dieting is hard. I know I hate this word(s) but its golden in my book.

Lifestyle change. Easier said than done, I know this first hand.

However I know you can achieve whatever you set out to do. And I love your hair. I wish mine was still like that.

Who knows maybe I will go back to it sooner rather than later.


Sizzle said...

You are definitely worth it. An hour away for a good hair cut? Priceless!

LZ Blogger said...

Diane ~ You are right! That's a very cute picture and even though I can't see the pedicure and manicure, I'll trust you, that they look just as good as the other stuff! I think I am finally caught up on your posts! See! I'm not LAZY! Oh yea... that's right I AM LAZY! ~ jb///

Jill said...

Well I think you look fabulous! That photo of you in the sundress is divine... so jealous.

As for the recent bad hair cut... get in line sister! I did what I thought was a noble thing and chopped off my hair for Locks of Love 2.5 years ago... STILL growing out the worst haircuts ever. I can't seem to catch a break. Does anyone know how to cut curly hair? A good 'do is important... so an hour away for an awesome new you is nothing!

Glad to see you back here and taking care of you. You're worth it!

Jack said...

With my limited German, I think I was incapable of explaining what I wanted.

Years ago I suffered through similar misfortune. It was most painful,ok physically it didn't hurt, but my hair was awful.

Shelly said...

My hair guy is 50 minutes away...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Jul said...

That's why in 8 years as an expat, I've had exactly 2 professional haircuts in Europe. Plus cutting it myself is fun!

ms chica said...

I'll be driving six hours to visit my old dentist in October...you don't have defend driving an hour to visit a stylist.

Incidentally the last time I cut my hair was a year ago for Locks of Love, if I don't try to find someone soon, I suppose I'll be making another donation next year...Sigh, I'm lazy about finding professional and making appointments.

kenju said...

Of course, you're worth it! The next trip to Egypt must be perfection, right?

Charlotte said...

Oh, I hear you on the haircut. A couple of years ago, I allowed my best friend to take me to "her guy" in downtown Istanbul. Not only did I walk out with short hair--no, I also walked out with *straight* hair. And cried for days.

A good motivation to really brush up on my Turkish.

Charlotte said...
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Charlotte said...

In fact, I blogged about it here:

Dustin said...

Bad haircuts are the worst. Especially when the weather is warm and you can't wear a hat all day.

Dianne said...

I'm betting the hair isn't as bad as you say. Besides your face is so perfect that the hair is just a frame for it anyway

BUT I do get it - if you hate it then it isn't good.

I need a mani/pedi too! I hate sitting still that long and I have to be in friendly mode - otherwise it's torture for me.

Andrea said...

You are braver than me. I've been here over two years and have yet to get my haircut here (I always wait until we go home for a visit). I am in desperate need of one before our visit this summer (my cousins wedding, and for the dress I am wearing - the rest has to look good too!). I got some recommendations from friends as to where to go, but I am sill scared of what could happen!
Strange how important hair to our self image isn't it?
Good luck!

karey m. said...

when my hair was pixie, i always went to a barber. much healthier environment than hearing women scoff and tell me real wimin have long hair. ugh.

Erin said...

I'm desperate for a mani/pedi too. I haven't been since I left the states and am frightened now that sandal season is upon us.