6 Random Facts (The German Version)

The divine Danie tagged me all the way from India. She’s asked that I do a random facts meme with a German twist. So, here it goes.

Random Fact #1
Most people hate to look at themselves in photographs, but I feel just the opposite way. For some reason, I photograph well and usually look better on film than in person (especially now with digital, I can instantly delete a disappointing photograph of myself rather than having to wait for it to come back from the processing lab, already developed, before destroying it.).

But on my second day in Germany, I had the *the worst* photograph taken of me. I was jet lagged, without a functioning, 230V blow dryer, and swollen from all the peanuts and pretzels I had inhaled from the plane ride over. I would have preferred to wait a few days before having my photograph snapped, but NOOOOOO---I was required to register with the government on the first, working day after arriving and my truly horrible photograph (which had to meet strict requirements) would become part of every day life in Germany. It’s on my residency visa, my driver’s license, and every any official document I have acquired since coming to this country.

Have I mentioned it’s a really, really bad photograph? Sometimes the guys at Frankfurt International Airport’s passport control do a double take and smirk when they see it.

But just to show you I’m not as vain as you and I think, I’m willing to post it. But first, you'll have to ask really nicely and promise not to laugh. This, however, might be asking too much.

Random Fact #2
I am really starting to love it here in the Rheinland Pfalz. Everywhere I look I am surrounded by beauty—the rolling hills, the vineyards, the flowers, the cobblestone, the vineyards, the beautiful old churches, the vineyards (yes, it’s worth repeating). I like it so much that I can actually picture myself living here longer than the four years Max’s company has stipulated. But please, don’t tell my mother, ok?

Random Fact #3
Despite a promise to myself, I have yet to unpack my bicycle--the very same one Max put together for me--and take it for a whirl around town. Germany offers many wonderful bike paths. I could literally peddle from my house, through a couple lovely vineyards, all the way to the center of town without the bike tires ever hitting the streets. With gas prices hovering close to $8.50 a gallon here, I should be using my bike more often. I am ashamed to admit I don’t.

Random Fact #4
Speaking of gas prices… When Max and I arrived back in December, it cost 64 euros to fill up our Mini Cooper (about $100 in the U.S.) at the pump. Last night, we spent over 84 euros ($132) to fill up the tank, and prices are predicted to go even high in the coming months.

Random Fact #5
I love love love the taste and consistency of the yogurt here in Germany. Some days I start and end my day with yogurt, having it for both breakfast and dessert. And I wonder why I have put on the pounds!

Random Fact #6
I think German people, as a whole, are among the most misunderstood group. Before I came here, I was warned about all the usual stereotypes you hear about. But in my experience, none of this has held true. We have been so warmly welcomed by the local community! I have also discovered this is a country where the people find any reason to celebrate. And as proof, here in German you can find a well-attended, town or city festival on any given weekend. I think it's pretty terrific, really.

So that's my list. Now it's your turn. I'm tagging the following folks.

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Dan-E said...

good gawd $100 to fill up a mini cooper. i remember five years ago when i last own a car how i complained the first time i had to spend over $20 to fill up the 12-gallon tank in my civic. that just sucks.

maybe you should have bought the diesel.

Danie said...

Thanks for playing, Diane! I'm looking forward to reading the answers of your tagged as well.

PS...please do post the photo!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

They do love to celebrate here, don't they? It's crazy...and horribly fun :)

running42k said...

get on that bike and you don't worry about gas prices or eating yogurt.

Simple Answer said...

I also have a husband who should not be able to put things together! Especially not something I'm going to ride!

You need to take a small bike ride just for me because I have this romantic notion of me riding a bike somewhere in Europe to someplace like the flower market. I'm living vicariously.

Jean Ann said...

Makes me want to come and visit...except for the gas prices...jeesh! I thought we had it bad at $4.12 a gallon!

meno said...

Please post the photo. Please, with a cherry on top!

Charlotte said...

Oh, Rheinland Pfalz rocks. I went to the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universitaet in Mainz. Lovely--especially the evenings when we ended up in an old town wine cellar. At least I think it was a wine cellar. But then, I may have been drunk. Ahem.

YES, the yoghurt, gosh, how I miss the yoghurt (and the bread, and the cheese, and the MILKA chocolate with the purple cow, and the public transportation, and C&A, and Karstadt)!!! You can get the same consistency out here by making your own (I actually used to do that in Germany and when I lived out here, in Toadtunnel Toontown). A yoghurt maker is high up on my wishlist.

Oh, also: I promise not to laugh if you post the photo. Pweeze?

Sarah said...

Can you not just "lose" the photo and get a new one like we do in the States?

And you're not allowed to smile? How very... German.

ms chica said...

#6 is so true. I took a brief trip to munich in November. The locals were so friendly.

I knew we had it good in the states as far as gas prices were concerned, but I had no idea how good.

Photo, really? Please!

kenju said...

I'm glad to hear that you are settling in and liking living there.

American in Norway said...

Woo hoo... I am done! & no, I will not be posting my "boobalicious photo" I don't want to be shut down for running a smutty site.

Gas in Norway is running approx. $12 per gallon. : )

Just a trumpet player said...

Oh. You mean I'll have to update my blog now ?? ;)

Jill said...

Wow - great random facts!

Gas in Israel was almost $8 a gallon... So nice to be back in the States for a few weeks and pay only $4.25...