One more thing...

Max and I are still working out the details for our barbecue party. I am happy to report things are starting to come together. But I wanted to ask you for one more favor. I would like your suggestions for music. Max and I have already culled together some Caribbean music--mostly upbeat, classic reggae. But I also want to play other summer favorites from all sorts of genres and generations gone by.

So close your eyes and think SUMMER. Then, tell me what music you hear.

Again, all suggestions are greatly appreciated. I only wish you could be here to party with us.


American in Norway said...

In the summer time..by shaggy.
I would play some good 80's & 90's retro... Europeans LOVE that... (me too! )

Sara said...

Jimmy Buffet. (Not my favorite, but definetly summer!)

How 'bout some Commodores?

Diane Mandy said...

american in norway - as in 80s rock--the hair bands or more like Madonna, Michael Jackson?

Sara- Ah yes! Buffet works. I also have Brick House. Does that work?

Charlotte said...

Heck, yeah, most Germans love 80s music--and, for summer, the Beach Boys (AAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH! I can't believe I'm writing this).

Now, as for the German writing this comment, none of these apply. As for specific songs, though, "Hotel California," "Horse with no name," and "Landslide." That's summer for me (and the good 70s).

Andrea said...

Michael Buble - The Summer Wind
Jack Johnson is fun. In Between Dreams album is great. I like pretty much all his stuff (not just the Curious George album)
Lots of his stuff is easy going. I'm completely blanking after that (could be because of the child screaming upstairs though...)

ms chica said...

THis may not be typical summer music, but it's on my current playlist. Mostly upbeat stuff.

Beck - Anything from the Guero CD
Angélique Kidjo- Voodoo Child
Cake - Mahna Mahna
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out, Do You Want TO
Goldfrapp - Oooh La La
Gomez - Detroit Swing
Michael Franti & Spearhead - anything from Yell Fire!

meno said...

"Boys of Summer" by Don Henley

Sizzle said...

I hear...

Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
Van Morrison
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

and Whitney Houston but please ignore that one (childhood memory ingrained in my head!).

Just a trumpet player said...

Oh ! That one I can answer !!

The Lost Fingers
Manu Chao
Crowded House
Arturo Sandoval

Please keep us updated !!

Jill said...

My husband says ... Jack Johnson, Santana, Seal

I say Dido, Diana Krall, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Buffet

You can never go wrong with a little Frank Sinatra.

Paige Jennifer said...

Totally random but as I read this post, Madeleine Peyroux came to mind.

Dianne said...

Definitely The Beach Boys

and some Sinatra

and oh please Dean Martin!

I thought Van Morrison and Boys of Summer by Don Henley were great suggestions

Danie said...

My summer soundtrack includes Jams Taylor and Carly Simon.

Sorry. You asked.

Diane Mandy said...



Diane Mandy said...
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Dan-E said...

just a few of my suggestions, but keep in mind my taste might run a little different from others:

beautiful day (a little obvious, i know), city of blinding lights, where the streets have no name, in God's country, one tree hill. a sort of homecoming - U2

dance the night away - van halen

sunshine of your love, outside woman blues - cream

soak up the sun, there goes the neighborhood, all i wanna do, every day is a winding road - sheryl crow

sails of charon - scorpion (you are in germany. i'm just saying)

vox - sarah mclachlan

keep on rockin' me, magic carpet ride - steve miller

for those about to rock, thunderstruck (well, maybe for miami) - ac/dc

interstate love song - stone temple pilots

island in the sun - weezer

highway star - deep purple

ramble on, houses of the holy - led zeppelin

red barchetta - rush

photograph - def leppard

boogie shoes - k.c. and the sunshine band

i told you my taste run a little different. if you reject any of these, i'll understand, but i'm telling you, some of these will work.

swenglishexpat said...

Hi Diane - I could suggest loads, but have you ever listened to the Mother of World Music, Cesaria Evora? Google her or check out iTunes. She is wonderful, sings in Portuguese (never mind) and .... Just check her out! Perhaps not dance music all of it but...

Diane Mandy said...

Dan - I actually have a few of these on the list. Thanks for the suggestions!

Swenglish - I have heard of Cesaria Evora! I even own on of her CDs. I haven't pulled it out for a while, and am going to give it a listen while I clean my house today. It may make the time go by faster.

Anonymous said...

The entire new Jason Mraz CD is really great. His current single, "I'm Yours" makes me want to be on a beach with a Corona. I'm a lurker to this site, but enjoy it, and have a great bbq!

Here is the song, but whole CD would be great for summer bbq:


Diane Mandy said...

anon - What a great song! I just downloaded it from iTunes. Thanks for delurking to offer the suggestion.

gemma said...

I'm late and redundant -- Beach Boys natch but go back further -- the Kingston Trio.....that's what I hear.