Summer Meme

Last week, Fabulously Me tagged me with a summer-time meme. I was so busy fretting over my party plans, I didn’t have time to give her meme my full attention, so I am presenting this a few days late.

Things I Couldn’t Live Without This Summer

1. Multiple fans to keep me cool by day

2. Cool, dry German Rieslings to quench my thirst

3. Salsa music and dancing to spice up my weekends

4. Trips to exotic places to break the monotony (We leave for Sharm El Sheik, Egypt on Thursday!)

5. Waterproof mascara – 'nuff said

6. Spanx to help me better fit into my summer sun dresses

7. Wireless Internet connection to keep me blogging wherever I travel

8. Farmers markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables

9. A fly swatter – because without central air, my windows stay open

10. Sleeping mask (It becomes very bright here by 5am.)

11. A great companion to share in my summer days and nights

What couldn't you live without this summer? It’s always tough to decide whom to tag! But this time, I tag

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G in Berlin
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Earth to Danie
Jean Ann


Charlotte said...

Ah, the German Riesling! How I miss it! *sob*

Whoa, Max is quite a hottie on that picture, BTW. Good for ya, girl!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Can I just say how jealous I am of your trip to Egypt??? I am looking forward to your pictures and posts about it :)

running42k said...

I'm with you on the market. Like CC's comment above, you are living a life most of us envy right now.

Me said...

AH. The Riesling indeed. Good times!!! And yes, no a/c in Germany....gasp. And Farmer's Markets...I miss that a lot about Germany.

Danie said...

Thanks for the tag! I began writing it today but it turned into 10 Things I Can't Travel Without. I'll keeping working on it :)

A Touch of Dutch said...

I posted up a blog entry about a recent trip to Germany and thought of you. Had to pop in to see what was up! Great blog entry ;) I've got a few of these must-haves now myself. Sleeping mask is put onto my head before I turn off the light, for example. Fan? Check. And it's on all night.