Things I don’t remember (but wish I did)

  • The name of the first boy I kissed
  • How to knit
  • The bubblegum wrappers I once collected in the hopes of sending away for a camera
  • What the news was like before the advent of cable TV
  • German vocabulary
  • The lyrics to “Louie Louie”
  • What I ever saw in Leif Garrett
  • Star Wars before the prequel
  • How to make a strawberry shortcake martini
  • My grandfather’s voice
  • The first time I tried ice cream

  • Your turn! What are some things you don’t remember, but wish you did?


    Dianne said...

    the way the kitchen smelled when Nana was cooking
    where all my hippie clothes went
    when and why I smoked my first cigarette

    I'm sure there's tons more.

    I like your list - especially the ice cream.

    the first boy I kissed was Arthur and he stuttered and smelled like onions BUT - he was the sweetest boy in school - I love that I realized that even though I was so young.

    My shallow bitchy years came later.

    Charlotte said...

    Hm. First boy I kissed (as in, seriously)--Detlef. In fact, we're still in touch!

    Knitting? Can you ever forget how to do that?

    And yeah, grandpa's voice ... it sometimes comes to me in dreams. I also still remember the smell of his pipe and the times when I sat in his lap watching "Star Trek."

    Stuff I forgot:
    * German poems I memorized in grade school
    * the taste of Fleischwurst with hot German mustard
    * all my Arabic phrases and vocab from college (*sob* same with Japanese)
    * Leif Garrett? Oh man, I actually forgot that I ever had his poster on my bedroom wall. Good thing. ;-)
    * the name of the little white poodle who lived next to us when I was 3.

    What are some thing that you wish you could forget, but can't? Hehe.

    Jack said...

    Your turn! What are some things you don’t remember, but wish you did?

    What I was going to write. ;)

    kenju said...

    The first boy I kissed (age 12) was named Billy, and it was a decidedly unsatisfying-knock-your teeth-down-your-throat-in=spite-of-your-braces kiss. I wish I didn't remember it.....LOL

    Sizzle said...

    What it sounded like when my dad whistled (it used to bug me but now I miss it).

    The first time I rode a bike. I don't remember it at all.

    Learning to swim. What did that feel like?

    The first time I tasted cake.

    zerodoll said...

    i'm still stuck on the strawberry shortcake martini!

    Rositta said...

    I wish I could remember what it is I wish I could remember, he he ...ciao

    ms chica said...

    All the traits that attracted me to my greatest mistake...Then again, I am happy now so those are best forgotten....

    • The moment I realized happiness isn't something you purchase.

    • The song playing when I realized music incited a joy in me I was incapable of describing with words...only tears.

    • The night dreams that reunite me with lost friends.

    meno said...

    I would have a much easier time writing a list of things i remember but wish i didn't.

    Jill said...

    Oooohhh... I like this. You're really going to make me think. I'm going to have to give this some thought and re-comment later!

    Jul said...

    My new phone number and postal code (after 5 months here!)

    sandra said...

    * What it felt like to never, ever think about what I look like.
    * The feeling of not worrying about money.
    * All the Spanish I learned in high school.

    Paige Jennifer said...

    My first kiss was Olivier (sigh). A handsome Frenchman residing in Villefranche. Or was it Beaulieu. Oh who cares. He was dashing. If only he hadn't slobbered all over my chin whilst performing a tonsilectomy.

    I wish I remembered where the eff I put that CVS coupon.

    katie said...

    The first time my husband and I told each other "I love you." My best friend just heard it for the first time from her boyfriend and it really got me thinking...

    Caffienated Cowgirl said...

    I adore this post...

    Things I don't remember but would like to...my grandfather that I lost when I was 3...my first day of school...how to write computer code :)

    V-Grrrl said...

    I have a good memory, and it's not always a good thing to have. I don't want to remember more, I want to remember LESS. There's a weight to memories, even happy memories. As I get older, carrying so many memories is a challenge.

    And the first boy I kissed? I remember his name, I remember the kiss, I remember the way his face looked right before he kissed me. I haven't seen him in 26 years,but we're still in touch!

    A Touch of Dutch said...

    These are great thoughts! You've got me thinking now ;)

    Hope you get to visit Amsterdam one day. It really is a great place. I suggest visiting in May and taking a canal tour.

    I'd love to visit your part of Germany one day. Been a few times to the east near the Czech border and would love to see more!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    TamWill said...

    Oh my goodness the wheels are turnin'

    I can't remember a single song the Bay City Rollers sang...but I liked them.

    I barely remember the Banana Split Gang.

    I don't remember my first kiss
    and like you I do NOT know why but I love Leif Garret and bought Tiger Beat Magazine to get his posters!
    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
    Congrats to you and Max!