A Very Martini Toast: Arjewtino

Peruse the Martini blogroll and you will discover most of the sites reflect certain aspects of my own life, interests, and peer group. As a result, the vast majority of blogs listed could be placed into general groupings—reciprocation, relationship, North Carolinian, woman, and expatriate.

Of course, this is not to purport any one blog or blogger can be captured by a single word. And even with these very general categories, exceptions do exist. In fact, near the top of this side bar, one blogger is anything but classifiable.

In the blogsphere, he and his blog are called Arjewtino.

Sometimes edgy, often sarcastic, Arjewtino irreverently writes about whatever he fancies—personal memoirs, sports, politics, Judaism, popular culture--and in the process tickles his readers just the same. I never know what I’m going to be reading when I hit his site, but I know, no matter the topic, it will be unconventional and well written.

For instance, I should have known better than to expect hearts and flowers when I visited Arjewtino this past Valentine’s Day. Instead, of love, I got one better--
one of my favorite Arjewtino posts
about why he didn’t vote for Obama during the primary season. Give it a read. It’s a classic.

I would suppose this isn’t the first time Arjewtino has been called unclassifiable. After all, it a whole lot easier than describing him as a 30-something, DC-area blogger, who grew up in Los Angeles and is, in fact, both Argentinean and Jewish. It’s a mouthful, and yet, doesn’t begin to describe him. To be honest, I don’t know what to call him except sharp, observant, and above all, witty.

Three cheers, Salud, and Mazel Tov to Arjewtino. He’s both a classic and unclassifiable.


Neil said...

If I were a girl, I would definitely date him. He's Jewish, too, so my mother would approve.

Arjewtino said...

Since this review is coming from such a beautiful woman I'm half convinced you must have lost a bet.

In any case, thank you for the kindest words I have ever read about myself online. I might have to steal this for my About page.

meno said...

Just the name "arjewtino" is enough to let me know that this guy is different.

Cheryl said...


karey m. said...

ooh! he's smart! madly witty!

i need to wake up a little more and revisit. pronto...

Jack said...

I have fond memories of going drinking in Jerusalem with a couple of guys from Argentina.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

What a great find! Thanks for sharing :)