What I didn’t blog about this week

Monday – Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know that I ran out of milk earlier this week. Maybe in the grand scheme of things—with rising gas prices, encroachment of personal liberties the melting of polar icecaps—this oversight doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it struck me sort of hard. After all, I used to project manage the development of computer software and, years earlier, managed the operations department of a TV station. So now that I am responsibility-free, why can’t I keep my refrigerator stocked?

I shrugged it off and went to the market to buy milk—two bottles, both low fat, and to my surprise because I still don’t know a lot of German and wasn’t paying enough attention…

Soy. I bought two bottles of low-fat, soymilk. Ewww.

All my past work history means nothing. As a hausfrau, I suck.

Tuesday Max and I were watching Switzerland destroy Greece in the Eurocup and heard a knocking coming from the loft of our house. At first, we paid it no mind. We figured it was Rascal, our cat and the only member of our household who visits the space because her litter box and food are kept there.

A little later, with Rascal purring in Max’s lap and Charlie asleep at my feet, we heard the knock again, and a little later, again. We looked around, but could never find a cause for the knock. Two nights have passed, we have heard it a couple of time each evening.

I’m starting to get suspicious we might have a critter.

You see, aside from the cat food, our loft boasts a very unique feature—a large, soaking tub, which sits on rollers so it can be positioned under the skylights. Our landlord, the architect behind the concept and quite the romantic, wanted to be able to watch the stars, alone or with company, while he took a bath. To make this happen, however, he also had to devise a unique was of draining the tub—a free-flowing trough that allows the water to drain out of tub, behind the walls, and into the nether-parts of the house. I can’t help but wonder if those nether-parts don’t house something other than pipes. To be honest, I’m a little freaked out about it.

Max is going out with our landlord to watch more of the Eurocup this weekend (because I’ve had my fill). Maybe we’ll get another explanation for the knock. Keep your fingers crossed that I won’t be blogging about this next week.


kenju said...

Or, maybe you have some olde German ghosts knocking in your attic!! I know, they want you to come to the attic and use the tub, so they'll have company!

Charlotte said...

Is that where Grandpa's spirit ended up? Check if you smell some cherry-flavored pipe tobacco. If so, please say hi!

And the project management thing? Heehee. Me too (even though I totally dig low-fat soymilk--with me, it's the toilet paper).

Shelly said...

Maybeeee....it's a woodpecker on the outside of the house. We had that at our cabin one night and it totally freaked us out.

Cheryl said...

That milk thing? So something I would do. I also wanted to say, maybe it's ghost. How would you feel about that?

running42k said...

Sweden beat Greece.

How can you be getting your fill of Euro already? I'm working from home today so I can watch the games starting at noon my time.

Sarah said...

I wonder what kind of creature would make a knocking sound. When we had squirrels and owls in our attic, it was a scuffle, scratchy sound. Come to think of it, wouldn't your cat keep most of the critters away? Sounds like a polite ghost to me! Hee.

patches said...

I suck at refrigeration management...or is it that I really hate grocery shopping? I've learned to live without milk, but not coffee.

Jean Ann said...

creepy...what if it gets in the house??? EEEKKK! By the way, I LOVE your new profile pic...are you a model? :)