Mrs. Coffee

Max and I are still vacationing with my family in Kalithea, which is located in area called Chalkidki in northern Greece and along the Aegean Sea. Aside from the exotic location, this is a typical family vacation with some Norman Rockwell moments, but others more like scenes My Big Fat Greek National Lampoon Vacation.

Yesterday, we visited the family of family in another part of the peninsula. We feasted on a lunch that went on for hours and included a fair amount of ouzo and then topped our meal off with Greek coffee, a sludge-like espresso. Maybe it was because of the ouzo, but my aunt decided she would “read” the remnants of Max’s coffee.

I suppose the reading of coffee grinds is not unlike the reading of tealeaves. My aunt grabbed Max’s cup out of his hand and began swirling it around to see what the prophetic beans would reveal. Then, she waited 20 minutes for the impression to dry before passing the cup to her sister-in-law, who was more skilled in interpretation and spoke better English.

“Ah, this is a good and strong cup,” the sister-in-law began.

Both the believers’ and nonbelievers’ ears perked up. Like any good fortuneteller, the sister-in-law paced herself for dramatic effect, waiting for someone at the table to beg her to continue.

“You are successful in your work, but there is a tall, heavy man who is jealous of your successes and wishes to cast the evil eye.”

There went the evil eye again. The table looked to Max to provide the name of said man, but he couldn’t think of a single co-worker who fit the description.

“But it no matter,” she interrupted. “This man cannot interfere with your successes. I see lots of money in your future, and when you get back to work you will hear some very good news.”

Another five-minute discussion around the table ensued about all of Max’s money before the reading continued.

“You have a female friend with long hair. He name starts with M. She also will give you very good news.”

We actually do have a female friend who matches this description, but couldn’t imagine what sort of news she might give us.

“And a door is opening to you. You will be going on a journey in the future where opportunity awaits.”

All of this fortune telling was well and good, but the table grew restless. Because the audience was a bunch of old Greek people and Max and I are newlyweds, everyone wanted to know one thing.

“Do you see babies in the cup?” my father asked.

At this the cup was passed around to those who understood the workings of prophetic coffee beans. The giggling and smiling began.

“I see TWO babies—a boy and a girl. Not now, but down the road.”

Both the coffee bean believers and disbelievers roared with laughter at this pronouncement. Max smiled broadly at the thought, and I made a face at the thought of having not one, but two children over the age of 40. And even though I think the reading was a bunch of hooey, I’ve decided to steer clear of Greek coffee for the duration of our trip.


Erin said...

I can't think of many things more uncomfortable then to have an old relative read my husband future at a family lunch. Sounds like you were a good sport. Thanks for sharing the story.

running42k said...

Maybe it's an adoption?

Claire said...

Interesting stuff. File under "who knows", perhaps?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation, sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

Just heard about the earthquake in Greece but I think it's far from where you are. Either way, hope it's a mild 6.4 where it hit and hope it has 0.0 impact on you.

Simple Answer said...

I never, ever read my horoscope but was reading the paper last night and did. It said, "Home Sweet Home" will dominate your thoughts. Considering we are moving.....

Maybe you better pay attention?

Jul said...

The sentence “Do you see babies in the cup?” made me lol. :)

Diane Mandy said...

Anon- no effects from the earthquake here. But thank you for your concern!

meno said...

Well keep us updated on the jealous dude, the friend with good news, and the twins. :)

American in Norway said...

Hope you all wern't around the quake... sending you good thoughts!

Rositta said...

Gotta trust that coffee, there will be babies, lol...ciao

evercurious said...

Wow. What struck me was more talk about the evil eye. How bizarre. If your family comes to Houston let me know, that reading sounds fun. I hope that all your wishes come true, whether or not they were spelled out in the coffee reading. I hope you time with your family is blessed as well.

Carmi said...

I wouldn't classify myself as a believer, either, but I love the spirit of it all and felt like I was right there through your words.

I'm so glad you're having such a wonderul time away.

Also wanted to let you know I've posted the latest Thematic Photographic theme. If you come across any animals in your travels, I hope you'll shaer a link over at my blog.

Travel safe!