A Very Martini Toast: It’s Like I’m Magic

It isn’t any secret that, when it comes to blogging, I’ve been looking for a little inspiration these days. I wake up every morning hoping to pull a rabbit out of my hat by producing a post with a little razzmatazz. Usually, however, I’m lucky if I even find a hat, or in other words, produce a piece at all.

My lack of inspiration may be one reason I marvel at It’s like I’m Magic. In it, blogger and word conjuror Brandy manages cast her spell with every post. Her seemingly endless ideas for material coupled with almost rapturous enthusiasm always amazes this reader and leaves me wondering how she does it.

My guess is there aren’t any tricks up Brandy’s sleeves. This virtual Pen and Tell-her comes across as the genuine article. Far from any blogging hocus pocus, Brandy, a 20 something-year-old teacher from Canada, allows her readers to share in her happiness, disappointments, idiosyncrasies, and vulnerabilities. I mean, really, how could you not love someone, who isn’t ashamed to admit her fascination with The West Wing, Wolf Blitzer, the use of ellipses, and, dare I say it, bullets?

Recently, I combed through Brandy’s archive in an attempt to choose a post representative of her work. I couldn’t find one because each piece is so unique. So instead, I chose this post because I think it highlights her endearing and thoughtful nature. And when you do go and visit It’s like I’m Magic, be sure not to miss the labels that levitate above each of the posts. These are another one of Brandy’s signature tricks.

Three cheers and a very Martini toast to It’s Like I’m Magic. Magician or not, Brandy, you’d be one tough act to follow.


Cheryl said...

You're so right. Brandy shames me sometimes, she's so good.

Dianne said...

I love the way you describe fellow bloggers, friends. I'm still so thrilled that I found 'Mackin Ink' because of you.

Off to visit Brandy :)

Mrs. Mogul said...

Its the summer so it's ok to have little inspiration

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Hi Diane. Prost! I like your blog.
Aufiderzen! Philip

AmyD said...

Brandy is FANTASTIC. I've been reading her for a long time, and she never disappoints. Ever. Thanks for giving her the recognition she so deserves!

Oh, and another thing. I wish more Americans had Brandy's interest and love for U.S. politics. If they did, it wouldn't BE quite as "hard" as her post denoted. *sigh*

Claire said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm off to investigate!


Sizzle said...

Excellent choice!