A Very Martini Toast: The Litter Pan

Don’t let her blog title fool you. While it is a repository, Ms. Chica’s, The Litter Pan, is anything but a waste receptacle. If it were, I could only hope my kitty’s litter smelled so refreshing.

Honest introspection coupled with a wee bit of sarcasm capture the tone this former graphic designer, turned “twinkie” and self-proclaimed “slacker” with “anarchist leanings.” This is, after all her self-examination, how she describes herself at times, but I think of her as so much more. She is a writer, poet, and artist, who offers us glimpses into her creative talent, thoughtful viewpoints, and unique experiences.

Many of my favorite Litter Pan posts deal with Ms. Chica’s unique role as the younger wife of a man with adult children. This post regarding the evolving relationship with her stepdaughter is among my favorites. It’s also classic Ms. Chica. But if art and poetry are more to your liking, be sure to check out Ms. Chica’s alter ego.

Three cheers and a Very Martini Toast to Ms. Chica and The Litter Pan. Go ahead. Give it a whiff. This litter box is so fresh, you certainly won’t know it when you smell it.


Claire said...

Cool! I'll be sure to check her out :-)


Claire said...

PS The link to her site is wobbly. Fixable, but wobbly :-)

meno said...

It's all true. And she has an adorable southern accent.

ms chica said...

I am so busted!

I feel like an absolute ass, because I just stumbled onto to this post, and failed to thank you for the honor. I overlooked this post going through the feed reader. My delinquent appreciation carries maximum gratitude.