Current Addictions

It's been a while since I've done a meme. Since I was quickly running out of ideas for posts, this one, courtesy of Cowgirl, couldn't come at a better time.

Current Addictions, The Rules:
* Write a post about five current addictions (with details)
* Mention the person who started this meme (Being Brazen) and also the person who just tagged you
* Title your post "Current Addictions"
* Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules

Diane's Current Addictions:

Mad Men - One of the best things about having so many guests from the United States has been picking their brains to find out what new television shows might be worth watching. The top recommendations? Mad Men and John Adams. The latter isn't yet available for iTunes download, so I took a chance and purchased the first season of Showtime's Mad Men. Set at an advertising agency in 1960s New York city, the stylish Emmy-award winning show features an imperfect cast-of-characters that are both smart and complicated. What can I say? Max and I finished 13 episodes in a week! We're hooked!

Election 2008 - I've written about my love of politics before, but my interest in all things election-related have reached a new high. Part of the reason is that my husband will be able to vote for the first time, having just been sworn in as a U.S. citizen last year. Max felt it important that he keep an open mind and make an informed decision. As a result, we've watched, read, and listened, with intense interest. Let me just say , I wish that politicians (on all sides) were held accountable for false and misleading ads because maybe the negativity would be minimized. After all, businesses are held accountable, why shouldn't politicians be?

Sushi - I've eaten much more German cuisine the last several weeks because I wanted to introduce our American guests to some of this region's specialities like flammkuchen and zweibelkuchen. But to be honest, my taste buds have had their fill of German food and have turned their attention to other ethnic cuisines, especially sushi. My rolls of choice? Philadelphia roll (cucumber, cream cheese, salmon), Shrimp Tempura roll, and the Tuna-avocado roll.

iMovie - Recently, I learned how to edit my own video using iLife software that comes with my Macbook. (Click here if you missed the Oktoberfest video, my very first creation.) Now I am spending hours reviewing old digital video footage in the hopes of putting more segments together. Be warned!

Bailey's Irish Cream - With the temperature quickly dropping, Max and I like to warm up with Baileys Irish cream as an after-dinner treat. I like that with Baileys, at least for me, a little goes a long way.

I can't figure out who to tag. It's always the toughest part of memes. So, if you are reading these words and want to participate, consider yourself tagged.


sassy said...

I love flammekuche ! (Not as much as sushi though... which I have a really hard time getting ahold of her.)

American in Norway said...

Oh I would kill for a little german food.... Yummmm...
And the Baileys... it is getting cold here too... time to hibernate

Dan-E said...

mmmm bailey's. gotta love the irish. i'm partial to guinness and jameson's but i wouldn't turn down a glass of bailey's.

it took you a week to finish 13 episodes? i week through the last season of "lost" in five days. not that it's something i'm particularly proud of...

The Daily Randi said...

Hi, Diane!

We couldn't get into Mad Men. But, we do love Sushi.


Dianne said...

I think I'll get season 1 of Mad Men, so many people love it!!

I love me some Bailey's

and Yay Max for becoming a citizen and voting for the 1st time - very cool!!

BTW - I was thinking about your nephew - the wonderful young man who did the videos :)
just tell him a friend in NJ asked about him

meno said...

We've watched about 6 episodes of mad Men. I find it very sad.

Simple Answer said...

I'm in an entertainment black hole, so I'm going to put Mad Men on my list of "must gets." I'll let you know what we think!

After France, I've been all about the pre-dinner drinks! Maybe if it ever gets cold, I'll do post-dinner drinks!