Election night drinking game and party tips!

For those of you planning to spend election night's nail-biting action with friends, I wish to share a few helpful tips to ensure your festivities run smoother than the voting machines in Florida.

Of course, election-night party etiquette will differ depending on whether your guests are Democrats or Republicans. Here, I will attempt to provide a few suggestions for both audiences.

Choice Cocktails for Election 2008

* Democrats will most certainly want to feature the Blue Hawaiian on their cocktail menu for two reasons. First, obviously, because of the color. Second, it's named after Barack Obama's home state.

* Republican party enthusiasts, on the other hand, may want to consider the colorful Bloody Mary as a drink of choice. But if you are afraid the name and color might evoke thoughts of hunted-down moose instead of the the Grand Old Party's official color, try a strawberry margarita instead.

Party Music

* Because so many songsters and musicians lean blue, a Democrat election party can most certainly feature of wide-array of music. This year's favorites include Bruce Springstein, Cheryl Crow, Billy Joel, will.i.am.,and John Legend. If things are going well for Dems on election night, feel free to play the Yes I Can song as many times as you wish.

* Republican parties must feature a more limited, mostly country, selection and should include this years favorite's Lee Greenwood and Charlie Daniels. By all means, do not play the Dixie Chicks if you hope keep your guests happy.

Plates, Napkins, and Party Favors

Regardless of political affiliation or whether you have been deemed a "real" or "fake" American, the colors red, white, and blue should dominate when choosing party favors, decorations, plates, and napkins. In addition, please note the following:

* Democratic parties should NEVER feature plastic plates. Choose recycled paper products only or guests will complain you are not green enough.

* Republican parties should also include a flag-motiff on just about everything or guests might question your patriotism.


* Democratic parties should not forget to offer vegetarian and vegan choices. A late night latte bar will also be greatly appreciated.

* Republican parties can and should feel free to feature red and game meats, especially this year. Ya'll don't cling to your guns for nothing, eh?

Televised Election Coverage Choice

* Democrats - MSNBC

* Republicans - FOX

The 2008 Election Night Drinking Game

The rules: Guests should down one drink (unless otherwise noted) every time the following occurs:

* Ever time the camera pans to the interactive electoral map
* If a small, white board and eraser is dare used, two shots required.

* Every time the names Obama or McCain are mentioned
* Every time the names Biden or Palin are mentioned, 2 shots are required.

* When a toss-up state called
* When a previously called state is moved back to the "too close to call" category, 2 shots are required.

* Every time the 2004 election is referenced
* Every time the 2000 election is referenced, 2 shots are required.

* Every time Democratic analyst James Carville says Bill or Hllary Clinton
* Ever times Democratic analyst James Carville says Bill Richardson, 2 shots are required.

* When Sarah Palin and Katie Couric are used in the same sentence
* When Sarah Palin and 2012 are used in the same sentence, two shots are required.

* Every time an anchor uses the word "historic" when describing the campaign
* Every time an anchor complains he or she will be up all night, 2 shots are required.

* Every time you hear the words "race," "age", "moose," "Muslim," "POW," "socialist," "celebrity," "clothing budget," "maverick," "gaff"
* Every time you hear "Joe The Plumber" or "Hussein," two shots are required.

Good luck, and may the last party standing win!

It's not to late to join the Virtual Post Election Bash. If you are planning to do a day-after election post, I'd love to link to you. Leave me a comment and let me know!


Brandy said...

Well done!! I'm going to be watching MSNBC- so I think my political leanings have been exposed!

Dan-E said...

clearly, you've done this before.

kenju said...

Hilarious. Might I suggest 17th century Gregorian chants for the Republicans?

Connie said...

I think I got buzzed just reading the rules for the drinking game - you ought to throw in some legal disclaimer.

How about pin the tail on the donkey or elephant? (Would be enjoyed by adults about half way into the drinking game...)

Diane Mandy said...

Connie - Brilliant idea! Except it might get a little dangerous after those Bloody Marys and Blue Hawaiians...

Sarah said...

Wow! Better have a well-stocked liquor cabinet. Can the lightweights among us cherry-pick the drinking game rules in order to avoid alcohol poisoning?

Andrea said...

Ha! I loved this post. We'll be celebrating with something along the lines of mojitos and maybe fajitas, that old classic.

I'd be dead after your third drinking game do!

running42k said...

I hope that we are all drinking for the right reasons, an Obama victory.

Claire said...

I am not having a party, but I am making an "Obamatini."

Senior Advisor said...

This would be a great party for you and Max to host...what a blast!

I'll be hanging out at a hotel in Eastern NC Tuesday night, watching MSNBC. Since I have to teach Wednesday, I may have to limit the shots. ;-)

American in Norway said...

I wanna party... just need to find somewhere to watch the election!

StephanieInCA said...

I'm not a big fan of drinking games--I don't need anybody to TELL me to finish my drink, thankyouvermuch.

Instead, I'll be playing Election Night Bingo--you can download the cards here: http://urbzen.com/2008/11/03/election-bingo/


Shelly said...

Dixie Chicks...good one.

Charlotte said...

Haha. Pregnant ladies, stick to the virgin versions of those alcoholic delicacies (*sob*)!

Too bad your blog is blocked from my workplace and I don't get to comment as often as I used to, but whoa, this post really hit the nail on the head.

But I'll be watching CNN. MSNBC is still too conservative for me, ha!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Can I pretend it's election eve every night???

patches said...

With a drinking game like that I would be trashed too early to hear the first cbs announcer mis-call the results.

ian in hamburg said...

Y'll don't clink to those guns for nothin', do ya?

Still laughing, Diane. :-)

Danie said...

If Palin and 2012 are used in the same sentence...I think that calls for a 40 oz.'r of whatever is strong enough to make the pain go away.

jaime said...

Awesome list. Wish we could throw a real party... instead it's going to be me and my roommates sitting around getting drunk watching the news. We've got out own game rules up, check it out: http://oregonjon.wordpress.com/

How to Party with an Infant said...

Good call with the blue hawaiian!

celebrity fashion said...

This would be a great party! have fun!!! :)