The party continues!

People can't stop celebrating and the party train keep going going! Dont' miss a single stop. Check out new additions to our Virtual Post Election Bash. You'll be so happy you did!

Special thanks to all these wonderful bloggers who participated!

Adam (Germany)
American (in Norway)

Ann (United States)
C. (Paris/England)
Charlotte (Germany)
Christina (Germany)
Claire (Germany) >
Claire (Great Britain)
Connie (Egypt)
Diane (Germany)
Dianne (U.S.)
Eusmaca (U.S.)
Evercurious (U.S.)
G in Berlin (Germany)
Ian in Hamburg (Germany)
J (Germany)
Jennifer (Australia)
Jill (United States)
Jul (Germany)
Leesa (France)
Me (United States)
Princess Extraordinaire (U.S.)
Sizzle (U.S)
Snooker (Germany)
Vailian (Germany)
Yelli (Germany)


Ralph said...

Thanks, Mandy, for hosting the virtual election bash. As an expat near Bonn it is a pleasure and a comfort to read your comments (here and elsewhere) and the comments of other Americans abroad.

And we really have something wonderful to celebrate....

Vodka Mom said...

I'm here for the martinis.

swenglishexpat said...

Hi Diane, sorry I have been too busy lately, but you seem to have run a good campaign yourself here! I can only say 'Cheers" to all Americans who now can feel a little prouder of their country and have some hope. AND to have an intelligent president! Cheers!

Preston said...

Let's hear it for Obama and Martinis!

Preston said...

OMG I have to add that your blog is great! I laughed my butt off at your awards and suggestions for party plans!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks so much for the visit!
To answer your question....NO! I have never seen another Election like this....1960, and JFK was pretty exciting....First time a Catholic was elected, and a young BEAUTIFUL Family---Like The Obama's....It gave one hope, at that time. YOUTH, in the Whitehouse. But, THIS.....Well, the History being made here is just so astounding and deeply moving....I fel like a weight has been lifted from my entire body!

This is, in my lifetime, was and is, the most Historic and FANTASTICALLY EXCITING Election, ever!

Head Nut said...

I just saw this on scary mommy....i'm there :)

Lavender n Latt├ęs said...

Just wanted to let you know that because I enjoy your blog so much, I have tagged you in a Meme - (lucky you).
Please visit my blog for more info!

Linda Sue said...

YAHOO! Like Whoopie said, "I feel like I can finally set my suitcase down!"

Jill said...

While I did not post anything about the election, I've enjoyed your postings and links to those who did! I especially liked the photos of you watching the results with the puppykins... how cute was that!

So happy for all of us with the outcome - what a beautiful day to be an American!