Diane's typical Friday afternoon in Barcelona (in pictures)

Exhibit A: Tapas including Pimientos de Padrón (some sort of fried peppers and MY FAVORITES), as well as feta and tomatoes, and cod crochets

Exhibit B: Charlie, my usual lunch partner, beggin' for a little something something (except the peppers, of course).

PS. Look familiar to you, Headbang? Lunch certainly isn't the same without your company!


kenju said...

I hope you gave Charlie a bite or two! He sure looks patient.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I want to have lunch with you and Charlie! It looks fabulous :-) Bon Appetite.

Cairo Typ0 said...

It's official - I'm moving to Barcelona! What a lovely way to pass an afternoon. :)

headbang8 said...

Yes, indeed!

Public Service Announcement: Those little green chilli things are awesome.

Love, HB8