Absense makes the heart grow fonder

This is the first day in three weeks that I have been alone and I have to admit I am loving every solitary minute. June (and half of July) flew by in a whirlwind. Half a dozen over-night guests, a series of dinner parties, and lots and lots of touring this fair city's numerous and famous sights made for a jam-packed month. I had a good time, but am ready for a couple weeks of quiet before welcoming a second wave of visitors in August.

Today, Max boarded a plane to Milan, our other home technically, but one that I have not visited since an initial house-hunting trip months ago. My husband and I had originally agreed that I would join him in Milan this week, but at the last minute I had a change of heart.

"Sweetie, would you mind if I stayed behind in Barcelona? The house hasn't been cleaned in weeks and I don't feel right leaving it in shambles."

(Translation: I love you, but need some quiet time.)

Max, always the easy-going half of our pair, let me off the hook without a hint of guilt. While many would think me crazy for giving up a trip to Italy and my mother actually berated me over the phone (with a "you should go with your husband as often as possible because it's bad for your marriage not to" snipe), Max understands my needs and encourages me to do for myself and be a little selfish when I feel the need. God, I love that man!


Dallas said...

I completely understand. When we lived in the states, my friends would ask why I wouldn't go riding with Thomas on his motorcycle -- because that was my alone time. It was a guaranteed few hours when I had the house to myself. :) Now I get plenty of alone time during the day, so I go riding with him on the weekends. Hehe..

Charlotte said...

You deserve a break. And your lovely husband ...

AmyB said...

Hmm... Mommy doesn't ALWAYS know best. Hasn't she ever heard the expression, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder?" ;o)

Glad to see life is grand and you are enjoy your new life. Can't wait to read more about it! Enjoy your quiet time while it lasts!