Dumped due t unsavvy text messaging...

Well it's been three dates and I've been dumped. Sad thing is, this is totally my fault. I played things very wrong.

It had been a couple days since I had heard from my new friend, the one with immigration woes. On July 4th, he sent me two text messages letting me know he was fine and wishing me a happy 4th.

"Can't u call?" I text in response.
Then, got a message in return. "Of course I can call. U r being a smart ass."

I text him back. "Patience is not one of my strong points, but apparently being a smart ass is..."

Then the phone rings, it's him letting me know that he was just teasing about the smart ass comment. All seemed fine and he said I could call him later that evening, after I finished my evening out with my friends.

9pm... I am leaving the movie theater and on my way to meet friends. I call his number and am sent to voicemail. Within a few minutes, I get a text message in return. "Am eating and watching a movie. Have a good night."

Is it just me, or is it rude when someone purposely does not answer their phone, favoring to text message you instead? It would have taken less time for him to answer the call and say, "Hey, I'm busy. Can you call another time."

I decide to send him one more text-- this time just letting him know that I'm switching my phone off and wouldn't be available to take calls. I'm at my next destination.

Later that evening, when my evening is finished, I try to call one more time. It goes to voice mail. "Are you ignoring me?" I text-- trying to be funny and remembering the smart ass conversation earlier.

My phone doesn't offer a winkie ;-) , so I guess he thought I was serious.

Today I got an email. He doesn't want me to contact him anymore

Hi Diane,

I don't think we should see or contact each other any more. I was completely turned off by your calling and text messaging last night. I felt you were harassing me. I did say you can call me last night but all you had to do is call once and leave one message and give me the chance to call you back when I get a chance. I sent you a message to tell you that I am having dinner and watching a movie. Yet you continued to call and txt msg me about 4 time each and leaving me cynical messages and asking me if I am ignoring you.

...It is about giving me my space to deal with some difficult issues in my life right now. I was turned off by that and have enough to deal with in my life at this point I don't need this. You could have just called and let me call you back once the movie is over but you continued to call.

I wish you luck in your life and ask you to please don't contact me anymore.

What else can you say? Although he really misread my intent, from his vantage point, I can understand where he is coming from.

So, I'll honor the request, let him think I was harrssing, and move on. I've sadly deleted him from my phone and email. What's the point in keeping him there? He's a great guy with a lot on his plate right now. I wish him well and hope all goes well.

Dating sucks. Is it just me or does today feel like a MONDAY!!!!

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