An Interview with Me

Last week Kara sent me these thought-provoking questions to respond to as part of a series she started on her own blog.

My answers, unfortunately, aren't as thought-provoking as the questions, but here you go.

Kara Q1: Introduce yourself as if it were 10 years ago. Tell us what you do, who you hang out with, and what is important to you at the time.

Diane: As a late 20-something wife stranded in soccer-mom suburbia, my focus a decade ago was completely on my husband and our marriage. I worked part time as a receptionist for a large company, volunteered 15 hours a week, and worked on making our home comfortable.

I devoted a lot of energy in church-related activities. As a result, I limited my association to the 100 or so folks who were part of the church that my husband (and his ex-wife) had been members of for 10 years prior. I wanted to make sure I was liked and respected and went on that never-ending journey to win people's approval. I succeeded to a large extent, but it was always those few who did not respond to my gestures that always seemed to bother me.

As time went on, I realized I was losing my skill set in the work force (having worked in radio and television prior to my marriage), so I began working full-time as an assistant producer. I didn't have to work at the time, but today I am happy with my decision return to my career as it allowed me to support my husband many years during his illness as well as allows me to support myself today.

My life 10 years ago is all a far cry from the life I lead today, as any of you who read my posts can attest. Like a pendulum that swings in opposite directions, I spent so much of my life so far in one direction, that perhaps it will take some time in the other to find the perfect balance.

Kara Q2: Describe in detail your most favorite place to be in the entire world. The place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy and the place that makes you smile even just thinking about it.

Diane: I've traveled extensively through the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean and have enjoyed each country for it's own unique flavor. My favorite place in the entire world, whether it's here locally or somewhere abroad, is on the dance floor of some little Latin club with the music pumping, bodies sweating, and the people dancing. Wherever my travels take me, I always find that little club as part of my adventure.

Kara Q3: If someone were to live your exact life up until this point just as you have, what advice would you give them, if any, about how to live it and/or what to expect?

Diane: I would advise them to live life a little more for themselves, care less about what other people think, be comfortable with feeling a range of emotions (even the negative ones), and work at developing a group of strong, caring friends by being one yourself.

Expect that life will be full of surprises both good and bad. Ride the ups and downs of life just as you would a rollercoaster-- eyes open with a wide smile and hands up and blowing in the breeze.

Kara Q: Would you want to be famous? If so, would you want to be a
currently famous person (who?) or would you want to be famous as yourself (and for what?)? If you would not want to be famous, why not?

Diane: I am not interested in fame on a grand scale. My privacy is far too important to me and I have not developed a thick enough skin to withstand the scrutiny that fame brings with it. I do, however, want to be a star, or at least well regarded, within my very small circle of friends, family, and coworkers.

I am told weekly that I look like Sharon Stone probably because of my short, blond spikey haircut. But, if I were to want to be a famous person I'd want to be Jackie Kennedy. I admired her style, grace under pressue, and ability to champion her causes without making a seen.

Thank you for the questions, Kara. Great idea, as always.

Well that's all for me. If you would like me to interview you, please post an let me know. I'll send you a list of questions in return!


Xavierism said...

Great interview. I love your hair. First time I saw your pic, you reminded me of Julia Fordham when she first made it big. She's my musical Goddess, ya know...

Enjoyed reading your answers. Not big on memes and questionaires...so I'll skip this.

Have a great week!


Jaws said...

I love your choice for Jackie Kennedy. Class.

Diane Mandy said...

Xav - I looked up some of Julia Fordham's older pictures and I can see where it looked similar. When my hair was a little longer I got the princess Diana comparisons. Funny what a haircut will do or not do.

Jaws - Jackie O is the best! My second choice would have been Audrey Hepburn. I wish I had her long elegant neck. :-)